Alexandra Daddario is ’10/10′ in a very small bikini

Alexandra Daddario’s fans will never fail to congratulate her. In this photo, the 37-year-old actress wore a tiny, very skimpy two-piece while posing outside, and it was an automatic “10/10” for one fan. Hot in one of her skimpiest swimwear looks ever, Daddario showed off her toned muscles and killer curves, in the photo shared on one of the many Instagram fan accounts dedicated to her. Possibly surprised by the sight near a beach hut, Alexandra reminded fans that she won the bikini race. No wonder he was easily cast in the film Baywatch.

jaw-dropper in tiny bikini

Scroll for photos. Mesmerizing fans with her baby-blue eyes as she posed with her arms raised to her head, Alexandra exposed her super-toned abs and shapely hips as she slipped into a micro taupe bikini with a sporty finish.

Flashing off her cleavage and even some underboob, the Hollywood star stunned the cameras as she showed off her shapely legs, with fans also noticing her slim arms and shoulders. In search of an eye-catching finish, Alexandra skipped the accessories, as she paired her swimwear with a low-key look with minimal makeup.

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Applying light blush over foundation and bringing out her light eyes with dramatic dark eyeliner, Alexandra put a spin on the typical Kelly bombshell vibe with her porcelain skin, and it was enough to drive fans crazy.

“Amazing,” one fan replied. “Beautiful actress and model 10/10,” said another. Many people came forward to send fire and heart emojis to the Erie ambassador.

Flashing those abs in spandex

If you saw the green bikini shot above, it was posted on Alexandra’s Instagram to promote her Aerie brand. Also plugging the activewear label was as this picture white lotus The star covered up a bit more and wore a tight sports bra and camo pants. “Yes, from now on I will only answer the door at SMOOTHEZ by @aiery!” He wrote the share of August 2023 in the caption.

Talking about Arie, the actress revealed, “I believe in being comfortable in our own skin, not putting pressure on ourselves or the way we look, and accepting ourselves for who we are.” She added, “I think it’s so amazing that Aerie is a brand that doesn’t Photoshop their models, and they just promote being themselves and being confident and comfortable in their own skin.”

Tuxedo hottie in tight spandex

Daddario switched things up by mentioning Alo Yoga in this photo, which also featured model Kendall Jenner, while shouting out another gym wear brand. Posing near a door and in a skintight black one-piece, she told fans she was “enjoying the warm days.”

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