Alexandra Daddario’s Body Acceptance Advocate with Aerie

Alexandra Daddario advocates for body acceptance with the Untouchable Aerie campaign

Actress Alexandra Daddario, best known for her intriguing performance in ‘The White Lotus’, took social media by storm with a series of adorable bikini photos on Instagram in June 2022. The photos, which received more than 2.2 million likes, showed her and her sister Katherine sunbathing by a lake in Louisiana.

Daddario’s partnership with Aerie

These photos weren’t just another set of celebrity swimsuit photos — they were part of an important partnership with clothing brand Aerie. The Daddario sisters were seen showing off their physical fitness in tiny green two-piece swimsuits from Aerie. The important aspect of these images is that they were untouchedClearly reflects Aerie’s ethos of promoting body confidence and self-acceptance, without the pressure of unrealistic beauty standards.

powerful message

With this collaboration, Daddario aimed to emphasize the importance of comfort and acceptance of one’s body. She advocated a balanced and relaxed approach to exercise and diet, encouraging her followers to celebrate their bodies. His message resonated deeply with his audience, as evidenced by the widespread engagement his post received.

Continued advocacy for body positivity

Daddario’s partnership with Aerie isn’t her first venture into promoting body positivity. Aside from her promotional material, she is known for posting swimwear photos without any commercial context. These included a popular photo of herself in a dark two-piece on the beach and a topless selfie, both of which were well received by her followers. Her consistent advocacy for natural beauty and self-acceptance makes her an influential figure in the fight against harmful beauty standards.

Aerie’s campaign of raw beauty isn’t limited to Daddario. Other celebrities like singer Kelsea Ballerini and gymnast Aly Raisman also endorse the brand, adding their voices to the chorus advocating for change in beauty norms.

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