All about Emma Roberts’ son Rhodes

Actress Emma Roberts became a mom on December 27, 2020, when she welcomed her ex Garrett Hedlund’s son, Rhodes Robert Hedlund, now 3 years old.

Shortly after celebrating Rhodes’ first birthday, People confirmed that Roberts and Hedlund had gone their separate ways in January 2022.

Roberts has no problem admitting that being a working mom can be “really hard.”

“I look at it from a different perspective now,” she told People in January 2023. Mom, it’s very hard, and I have a lot of respect for her.”

His goal for Rhodes is to make him a “respectable and intelligent” gentleman who can “ask or tell” him anything.

“What it means to be a man is being rewritten right now,” he said. tatler, “I hope that my contribution to the world can be to raise a wonderful boy who turns into a wonderful man.”

Read on to learn about Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund’s son, Rhodes Robert Hedlund.

He was born amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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After sharing their pregnancy news, a source told People that Roberts and Hedlund were “extremely excited to have a boy.”

“At 16, I thought, ‘When I’m 24, I’m going to get married and have kids,'” she said. Cosmopolitan those days. “And then I was 24 and I said, ‘Remember when I said I’d be married and have kids by now?’ …It sounds weird, but as soon as I stopped to think about it, we got pregnant.”

Rhodes was born on December 27, 2020. Roberts confirmed his name and shared the first photo of her son a few weeks later in January. 12, 2021. “Thank you 2020 for getting one thing right,” he wrote on Instagram. “Our Bright Light Rhodes Robert Hedlund.”

Roberts wasn’t sure if she could get pregnant

emma roberts instagram

Roberts was especially grateful for her son because she feared her endometriosis would make pregnancy impossible.

“I was told, ‘You should probably freeze your eggs or consider other options,'” she said. Cosmopolitan In November 2020. “When I found out about my fertility, I was stunned,” she said. “It felt very permanent, and strangely, I felt like I had done something wrong.”

Ultimately, Roberts opted to freeze her eggs – which she called “a difficult process” – and she kept her pregnancy a secret until the last few months. “Things can go wrong when you’re pregnant,” she said. “So I kept it to myself, my family and my partner, I didn’t want to make big plans in case it didn’t work out.”

This experience inspired her to connect with other moms, and it “opened up a new world of conversations about endometriosis, infertility, miscarriage, the fear of having a baby.”

“I was so grateful to know I wasn’t alone in this,” she shared.

he has a famous godfather

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Rhodes’ godfather is country singer Tim McGraw, who Hedlund became close to after playing his father in 2004. Friday night Lights and acted with him again in 2010 country Strong,

“He’s someone I admire and respect, not only as an amazing father and an amazing husband, amazing musician and amazing actor,” she told Kelly Clarkson in February 2021. Such close friends and, you know, I’ve seen their children, their daughters since they were 1, 3 and 5 years old.”

Hedlund said that when Roberts was about 12 weeks pregnant, she called her mentor to tell him the news and he immediately made up his mind. “The first thing he said was, ‘I’m the godfather,'” Hedlund recalled. “So, how can you argue?”

After Rhodes arrived, Hedlund turned to McGraw for advice on how to get him to sleep through the night. “It’s never been easy and it’s never going to be easy,” McGrath said during a conversation. leo edit In February 2021. “The way to fix it is to just throw some other kids in there; then you don’t think too much about it!”

he was a ring bearer

When Roberts’ friend, set designer Charlotte Long, gets married in August 2022 scream queens The star’s son played a very important role in the wedding.

“You’re never too old to be a flower girl and never too young to be a ring bearer,” she wrote alongside a series of photos of herself wearing a floral Magda Butrym dress and Rhodes’ short white linen shirt and baby blue shorts. Don’t happen.” At a farm wedding.

Roberts is trying to keep her out of the spotlight — although her mom is making it a little more difficult

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Roberts’ mother, Kelly Cunningham, has gotten into trouble several times for sharing information with her daughter that she shouldn’t have. She was the first to reveal Roberts’ pregnancy, as Roberts hilariously explained to Jimmy Kimmel.

She said, “I was keeping my pregnancy quite a secret, but unfortunately my mother has Instagram. Mother and Instagram, it’s a bad combination. They gave away the whole secret.”

It all started when Cunningham began responding to fan DMs, thanking one of them for the well wishes, noting that they were “so excited” about having a baby.

“My friends were sending me screengrabs, it was like unbelievable,” she explained. ‘And then when I say to her, ‘Mom you announced my pregnancy,’ she says, ‘Emma, ​​you announced it.’ And I said, ‘No, I didn’t do that, it was a newspaper.’ She was like, ‘Oh, it wasn’t clear.’ ,

When Cunningham shared a photo of Rhodes’ face on Instagram in February 2023, Roberts humorously called out her mother again, something Roberts does not usually do.

She reposted the photo on her Instagram Story, saying, “When your mom posts your son’s face without asking but you love both of them so whatever 💖.” Cunningham took it seriously, writing, “The fight continues!! I love you Q!! Touche’.”

Having a child brought Roberts closer to her mother

Emma Roberts/Instagram

Despite Cunningham’s missteps, motherhood has brought Roberts and Cunningham closer than ever. Since welcoming Rhodes, Roberts has leaned heavily on her mother and is extremely grateful for everything she has learned from her.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the love of my life Roadie and mom @kellygrace1010,” she wrote on Instagram on May 8, 2022. “Rhodes thank you for making me a mom and mom thank you for teaching me how to be a mom!! And being the best memes we could ask for.”

Telling People how difficult it is to juggle her acting career and motherhood, Roberts said, “I’m very fortunate that my mom helps me a lot,” she added. “I would die without my mother.”

Conversation with Jamie Lee Curtis purple gray In March 2021, Curtis asked what Roberts wished she knew before having a baby. Roberts responded, “It’s not something you’ll always feel like you’re getting right, but you’ll get better every day.” “When in doubt, just love your child and yourself.” Curtis then asked who Roberts admired most, which was of course his mother.

She added, “Especially after having a baby.” “I kiss the ground she walks on!”

Roberts hopes in a way Will not done Follow him

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Rhodes is Roberts’ “mini-me,” but she’s hoping she won’t inherit one of his traits: sleepwalking.

“I hope it’s not hereditary because my mother also sleepwalked,” she told Kelly Clarkson on her show in January 2023. To nurture. She’s totally capable, but she hasn’t done it, which I thought was really cute.”

Although she fully expects him to come out of the crib sooner or later, she just hopes that she doesn’t find her little one flopping aimlessly “on top of her” in dreamland.

He has been on TV before

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Rhodes made his big TV debut before he was even born! Roberts told People she was “very pregnant” when she was judged as a guest RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars In 2021.

She said of her experience, “I was a big fan and when they asked me to be in it I was so excited.” “And yes, I was excited to take Rhodes…he had to come with me.”

She and Roberts like to hang out together

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Roberts and Rhodes’ favorite activity to do together is going on walks. In July 2021, celebrate holidays The star shared a throwback photo of herself taking her baby on his “first walk” through Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles. A month later, she showed off her baby gear and captioned another photo, “We love our walks.”

Even when Roberts is working, and he’s on the road, he still makes time for things he enjoys.

“It’s great that I brought her with me to Boston,” Roberts tells PEOPLE about filming on location. “It’s such a walkable city that I can just wake up in the morning and put her in the stroller and go to a beautiful park, and walk around seeing the city and being outside, which is great, because I get to It felt like when I was in L.A., there wasn’t much to do to really be in nature, other than some walking or hiking.”

In October 2023, the mother-son duo took part in a fun fall tradition and took a walk through an apple orchard.

Roberts became more environmentally conscious due to his

Emma Roberts/Instagram

In July 2021, Roberts told People how her views on sustainability changed after becoming a mother.

“That was definitely the most eye-opening, having a baby,” she said. “Where before, I’m out in the world on my own and I’m just thinking about what’s right for me. And when you have a kid, it’s like, ‘Wait, how old is she? What will be the year 2050? What will the world look like?’ ,

She added, “For me, I definitely wanted to educate myself more about what I should be doing.”

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