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Google Maps, the map application server that belongs to Alphabet Inc., can be the most used application when a person wants to view satellite images of certain places, want to go to a certain place and know the traffic in real time Is.

Next to this is another navigation and traffic platform called Waze in popularity, which is mainly user-driven.

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If for some reason you want to try an alternative to the previous application, we will tell you about other platforms that offer similar functions.

tomtom go navigation

In the ‘Google Play’ store, it is written that you can enjoy “offline maps and detailed online navigation experience” with accurate directions and real-time traffic alerts.

You can enjoy its service for seven days for free, if it is a car you will have to subscribe $ 3.99 per month, if it is a large or cargo vehicle the price is 24.99 euros.

here is my

The app offers free navigation, offers voice guidance, can save your frequent destinations and download maps for offline use.

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This platform has a 12-month premium subscription that offers: navigation with voice instructions, offline 3D maps, monthly map updates, the application warns you about mobile radars that you will meet along the route, it helps you find the right lane. Also provides points, real-time traffic information, traffic sign identification, etc.

magic earth

Magic Earth, an alternative to Google Maps and Waze, is known for its focus on privacy, offering downloadable 3D maps, Waze-like crowdsourced traffic information, voice directions, augmented reality, and video recording.

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