Amazon drops the price of GHD’s best-selling iron, boosting sales

Among the main brands you can find in hair related products, GHD is one of the favorite brands. Today we are going to talk about one of their star products, a high-end hair straightener that you can get at the best price on Amazon.

let’s talk ghd platinum+, an intelligent and professional iron that has become the main reference of the firm, becoming the leader in sales on Amazon despite its high price. Not only does it have excellent ratings, but you can get it today for less than €240. Below, we tell you everything it is capable of offering and that you will definitely love.

Laminated plates and include Ultra-Zone Technology

This iron has been carefully designed which allows its use to go far beyond that of a simple straightening iron. Well beyond that it allows you create looks like Soft, curly and beachy waves, is able to use Optimum styling temperature 185º C. In this way, it is responsible for reducing the effects and damage to the hair, as it achieves 70% stronger hair and twice as much color retention.

Another important section includes precision laminated plates With high gloss finish. Thanks to them, you can comb your hair with little effort and with 20% more shine. It also features a patented design shaft that is responsible for ensuring correct plate alignmentWith more control during styling and perfect glide every time.

Since it is a smart straightener, it is able to detect and recognize the needs of your hair so that you can get strong and healthy hair from just one go. To achieve business results, this includes Ultra-zone predictive technology, It is responsible for checking the temperature of the hairstyle up to 250 times per second, thus ensuring that the ideal temperature is used at all times. Furthermore, it includes two infinite sensors Able to customize its power, hair thickness and styling speed, so you can achieve results that are always 100% adapted to your tastes.

Get this premium GHD straightener on Amazon

As you may have noticed, once we have reviewed its main characteristics, we can say in conclusion that ghd platinum+ This is a professional hair straightener, but it is also designed for use at home. It is a bestseller and one of those products that you cannot miss for hair care. This is a guarantee of success that is worth every euro. And the best thing is that today you can buy it on Amazon with a good discount.

ghd platinum+iron

This is a product that has received almost 6,000 reviews from buyers 81% Among them it is rated with the highest score, 5 stars, In this way you can guess that it is a safe purchase. His RRP is €299 But today you can buy it for only €239.99 with free shipping and a 3-year warranty.

Additionally, you can also get the GHD Thermal Protective Spray and Professional Hair Straightening Spray with your purchase, which reduces hair frizz thus achieving a perfect combination.

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