Amazon plans to make you pay to give Alexa better artificial intelligence

The new version of Alexa will be launched in mid-2024. (Amazon)

The famous online selling company Amazon has started changing the way it does business to increase profits from its products and services.

A clear example of this is that, In late January, its streaming service, prime videoWill start including ads in some countries, The only option to not see these ads would be to pay extra.

it appears that Amazon may be planning to do something similar with itself alexa virtual assistant, As has come to light recently. The American company may be thinking of introducing a version of Alexa that will be paid.

A report by Business Insider mentions that Amazon will be working on a paid variant of Alexa, which will be called ‘Alexa Plus’.

This version will use more advanced and customizable artificial intelligence technology, called ‘Remarkable Alexa’, which has already been tested with 15,000 customers.

Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. (Amazon)

However, the same report states that this new version of Alexa still does not completely satisfy Amazon executives. The tests conducted so far show that this improved version of the personal assistant sometimes gives information that is not accurate,

People with knowledge of Amazon’s situation told media that ‘Remarkable Alexa’, although quite capable of maintaining conversations and sharing information, still presents problems, such as giving answers that are longer than necessary. Or not be completely accurate.

Besides, Needs to improve how it handles simultaneous requests from customers, such as turning on lights and playing favorite music at the same time,

In any case, it is important for Amazon that its virtual assistant generates money to continue its development. An employee of the company clearly mentioned that if Alexa does not generate revenue, its future may be in jeopardy.

Echo Dot is a smart speaker made by Amazon that includes the virtual assistant Alexa. (Amazon)

The report also revealed that the paid version of Alexa, The release date of ‘Alexa Plus’ is set for June 30, 2024,

In the coming months, Amazon is expected to provide more information about this new version of Alexa, including its price in different parts of the world.

Amazon has recently implemented the use of artificial intelligence to create summaries of its customer reviews, with the aim of providing users with a comprehensive and clear view of the products for sale on its massive online commerce platform.

still, The current review and rating system already has problems with fraud and manipulationThere are growing concerns about the veracity of AI-generated summaries.

AI reviews were implemented last year. (Amazon)

It bears in mind that these models are not perfect and that hallucinations often occur when preparing lessons.

Although the tool has been modified since its launch last year, the accuracy of the results offered with this technology is still debated. And there are already questions about the potential dehumanization of content and the creation of vague narratives.

This new generative AI technology is under scrutiny from some marketers and experts, who point out that it disproportionately highlights important comments in product summaries.

AI reviews have created a wave of skepticism among vendors. (pictorial image infobae)

Reported cases include mischaracterizations, such as referring to an inversion table for back pain relief as a “desk” and giving prominence to minor negative opinions., This has created uneasiness among sellers, who are dependent on positive feedback.

In some cases, artificial intelligence reviews have drawn incorrect conclusions about products based on a very small sample of negative reviews.

For example, A board game called Brass Birmingham was considered difficult to use, although less than 1% of comments were critical of it. Similarly, complaints were highlighted about the smell of tennis balls, despite the fact that only seven out of over 4,300 opinions on this aspect were negative.

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