Amazon sells homes for $26,000: what they look like inside and what they’re made of

Owning a home is a dream of millions, but with current housing prices this desire seems to be fading soon. However, there are people always looking for alternatives, like @hittaa_jeff, a TikTok user who Bought a prefab house on Amazon for $24,000,

The young man shared in several videos the experience that meant so much to him Buying an affordable home and its consequences that must be considered.

Jeff Bryant is the name of the young man who took the risk of investing. The legacy that his grandfather left for him And found that real estate is a good investment option.

,I am 23 years old; I just bought a house on AmazonJeff Bryant says in his publication, which invites you to take out a credit card and buy a home online on Amazon.

In the video series, the young man explains that the home includes a bathroom and a kitchen, and that it originally cost $24,000 dollars, but After taxes this increased to $26,000,

In addition to the price change, another problem arose: “Amazon is really a dangerous place. I don’t even know where I’ll keep the house!,

An Amazon representative convinced him to upgrade the home to one of the versions with more square footage and then he agreed. It was time to get home and do extra work,

Jeff had to look for land to set up the house They charge you $150 dollars per weekFurthermore, the house is not exactly what he imagined.
“Plastic fake marble, I don’t know…” Jeff says in one post. “The ceilings are very low. I’m 5’8″, so they’re not really that tall.”

The house is not fully developed and ready to live in, as its new owner wants more suitable land to set it up, and the delivery team will help you move it once you find the ideal location. What do other expenses mean?,

However, Jeff knows that this is all part of the initial investment, as he does not plan to live in this house and plans to make a profit from it by renting it out on Airbnb.

The young man says he is sharing his experience to help others think about how they invest money: “People my age are told we can’t afford to buy a house, but I’m proof that it’s possible,

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