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Dr. Mario Alonso, a doctor specializing in general surgery and the digestive system, held a conference last Thursday, February 8, under the name The key to emotional well-being in academia 6:00 PM at Adjaye Auditorium. Its aim was to disseminate guidelines aimed at improving the training of the teaching team in the educational sector through basic concepts that have the potential to transform students’ health, well-being and relationships.

The presentation began with a reflection by Alonso about the importance of affection: “They are the essence of life, because happiness is the longest studied that exists and shows that feeling happy is not in what we have, but It lies in what we have.” We share our days. Furthermore, he talked about “what the heart wants to feel, the mind shows it”. This refers to the bias of believing that sensitive people are weak, when in fact the opposite is true.

The doctor highlighted the factors that interfere with education and that are necessary for change, such as family environment and institution. For the latter, he stressed the importance of establishing a culture of well-being, as this is essential for students, teachers and specialists who work in the school environment. According to Alonso: “Teachers have the ability to influence the future of their students.” After these words, he wanted to applaud the work of the teaching team present in the audience and recognize their hard work.

“Concerning your emotional well-being is not a sign of selfishness.”

The second part of the conference focused on guidelines for improving emotional well-being. Being grateful, respectful or fearless was accompanied by personal experiences that doctors used to explain the positive impact that can occur if we put them into practice. “Concerning your emotional well-being is not a sign of selfishness,” he clarified. Since a stable and healthy environment is essential for good feedback.

He stressed the importance of being humble: “For us it is not an attractive quality, but it is necessary; the opposite of humility is self-reliance, arrogance and egotism, which lead us to mental blindness.” He shared anecdotes about his family, professionals, and past conferences, using humor at several points, which brought him even closer to the audience.

The event concluded with a series of questions asked by a representative of the Tenerife South teaching team, who wanted to thank Mario Alonso for the tools provided during the presentation, as well as about topics related to the teaching staff. Also wanted to ask a series of questions. .Nowadays.

Mario Alonso during the conference. Photo: D. Rodriguez

“Inappropriate use of technologies is causing very significant damage to the attention and memory areas of the brain”

They also included questions about how this is affecting the use of electronic devices today. “Inappropriate use of technologies is causing very significant damage to the attention and memory areas of the brain,” the member of the New York Academy of Sciences reported. Furthermore, he commented that no person’s brain is designed for multitasking, so focusing on multiple things is incompatible with doing just one thing well.

The conference not only provided valuable tools for personal and professional development, but it was a starting point for creating a culture of affection and attention in educational institutions. His perspective on humility as the foundation of emotional growth as well as his warnings about the harmful effects of excessive exposure to technology resonated throughout the auditorium. Thus, Mario Alonso reminds us that taking care of our emotional health is not only essential, but it is also an act of responsibility towards ourselves and those around us.

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