Who will replace Ignacio Rivero in the Cruz Azul lineup?


The Uruguayan footballer will be absent from the match against San Luis due to the sensitive death of Nacho Rivero’s mother.

Nacho Rivero, Cruz Azul's all-rounder.
© imago7Nacho Rivero, Cruz Azul’s all-rounder.

Although still It has not been confirmedit’s too complicated Ignacio Rivero available for martin anselmi For the duel to be played tomorrow on Saturday Cruz Azul vs. Atlético San LuisDuel according to the day of Completion 2024 which will be disputed East Blue Stadium,

And during the early hours of this Friday, the unit cement factory told that mother dance rivero -Unfortunately- he died and expressed his condolences to him. Therefore, it would be understood that for off-road charrua The game against the Potosí team is in the background.

Within this panorama the question arises: who will replace dance Rivero in Cruz Azul lineup? This doubt arises every time the Uruguayan footballer remains a constant in the starting eleven Machine who drives martin anselmi,

In this context, it should be noted that during the first five days Completion 2024, Ignacio Rivero He has played as a right and left winger as well as a holding or interior midfielder, although he has More regularity as center right In the Argentina coach’s plans.

Cruz Azul captain Ignacio Rivero.

who will replace dance Rivero in Cruz Azul lineup?

depending on the situation central defense one of two stopper With efficient profile, martin anselmi There will be two options to replace dance rivero, carlos salcedo one of two rafael guerrero, Meanwhile, the figure of changing the versatility offered by the Uruguayan footballer, especially his offensive contribution in the right area, rodrigo huescas,

with that, Huesca is presented as a natural alternative to Rivero.Particularly for the offensive contributions provided by cruz azul youth players, However, the option to place a bet Salcedo It is implicit that, since the Mexican defender can act as a liberator, there would also be the option to promote the Colombian. willer ditta As stopper on the right.

Charlie Rodriguez, second captain of Cruz Azul

Ignacio Rivero He came on as a substitute in the final leg (M.88) of the duel against Querétaro, played last Friday. Rushed towards Uruguay before leaving the field Charlie rodriguez to distribute captain’s badgeA clear action that shows who the leader is Current Cruz Azul squadWhich is going through a remarkable change.

With regard to captaincy actions, it should be noted that both dance rivero As carlos rodriguez has been integrated as a reference in the scheme of martin anselmiSomething that he has achieved by virtue of remarkable performance, which has its origins in a marked material abundance, which has allowed him regain his high football level,

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