Amazon surprises with a trick to listen to music completely free

On Amazon Music Unlimited, you can listen to any song for free for 3 months. (Photo: Europa Press)

In the huge and competitive online music market, Amazon has launched a new initiative that aims to attract more users to its Amazon Music Unlimited service, without the need to be an Amazon Prime member.

The company has presented a promotion that offers users three free months of its streaming music service, a move that not only seeks to attract the attention of new users but also strengthen its position in the digital music market.

Unlike other offers that are typically limited to Prime subscribers, this promotion is open to anyone who has an Amazon account and hasn’t previously activated Music Unlimited.

In order not to be charged for the consumption of this platform, the subscription must be deactivated after the promotion ends. (Photo: Infobay)

To access this promotion, users need to visit the direct link provided by Amazon, where after accepting the terms and conditions, the offer is automatically activated.

Also, it is suggested that users cancel the subscription as soon as it is activated to avoid any charges after the three-month free period ends, which is a common practice among subscription services that offer trial periods.

This strategy allows Amazon to attract a broader segment of potential customersThese also include those who are reluctant to pay the Prime subscription fee but are interested in exploring the company’s music streaming offerings.

This strategy of Amazon seeks to reduce the distance in customer competition with Spotify and other music platforms. (Photo: Reuters)

The rise in popularity of music streaming platforms has changed the way people access and enjoy music.

Spotify is the market leader with services like Apple Music and YouTube MusicConsumers have become accustomed to unlimited access to vast music libraries without interruptions from commercials.

This preference for streaming has given rise to fierce competition among platforms, which now seek to differentiate themselves through the audio quality, diversity of their catalog and the pricing plans they offer.

There is a lot of competition on streaming music platforms. (Photo: AltaFonte)

For this reason, the Amazon Music Unlimited offer is part of this competition, which aims to stand out not only for the quality of its service but also for the frequency of its promotions, which in previous years have generally been seen at the end of March. . ,

Through these strategies, Amazon not only wants to attract new users but also retain them by converting them into long-term customers.

This new move by Amazon highlights The importance of promotional offers in users’ decision when choosing a streaming music platform.

Users are attracted by the ability to try services at no cost, and the quality of the experience during a promotional period may be a deciding factor in their decision to become a paying customer.

These types of offers provide a wide range of options for users. (pictorial image infobae)

Furthermore, when comparing different platforms, factors like music catalogue, user experience and, of course, are included. Promotions play an important role.

Amazon’s strategy is embedded in a broader context Digital content has become an essential marketing and customer loyalty tool.

In a world where access to culture and entertainment is becoming increasingly democratized thanks to the Internet, companies must look to continually innovate to capture consumers’ attention.

Time and market behavior will dictate whether this strategy by Amazon was able to attract and retain its users while also demonstrating the importance of more promotions of this genre.

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