Amber Heard thanks fans for their ‘unwavering support’ after ‘Aquaman 2’ release

The actress, who appeared for ten minutes in the latest DC Comics blockbuster, thanked her fans for their support.

Amber Heard, who appears briefly in the second part of The Adventures of Aquaman, released in theaters on December 20, thanked her fans on social networks for their “unwavering support” and their “love”.

“after all this time, aquaman 2 It took the box office by storm (sorry, that’s too easy a joke). I would like to thank all my fans for their unwavering support and love for the comeback of Mira (His character in the Aquaman franchise, editor’s note), Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

In 2022, during a defamation suit against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard claimed that she had a role in aquaman 2 After the announcement of his divorce from the star of Pirates of the Caribbean, “I fought to stay on this film. They didn’t want me to participate in the film,” he said at the time.

box office failure

The actress herself noticed during rewrites of the script that her character was slowly disappearing: “I was given a script, then given different versions where the action scenes were removed. My character did less things. .They removed a lot of things.”

A The petition was posted online in 2020 To replace the actress in the film. The text claimed that Amber Heard had “systematically led a crusade to ruin Johnny Depp’s career in Hollywood” since the couple’s divorce in 2017. Heard is only visible for about ten minutes aquaman 2,

Continued for Christmas, aquaman 2 The first film was not as successful, crossing the billion-dollar revenue mark in 2018. Currently, this blockbuster with a budget of $200 million has collected only $272 million.

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