America vs. Chivas: Arbitration Commission refuses penalty

The refereeing commission released the VAR audio of the play between Sebastián Cáceres and Piozo Alvarado and refused a “penalty”, as Gago described it.

In this America against Shivaj After a 0-0 draw in the National Classic, a play unfolded that sparked controversy. In the 34th minute, a clash between Roberto Alvarado and Sebastián Cáceres inside the area was not signaled, leading to public discussion about a possible “penalty”, as defined Fernando Gago, El Rebano’s coach.

“At 34 minutes, referee Fernando Hernandez determined that there was no penalty in the penalty area. America, VAR confirmed this. “Here we explain to you through audio and video why this decision is the right one,” published referee commissionOn their social networks, with a technical description.

The coach also criticized this action Shivaj, Fernando GagoThose who considered the action a “penalty” whose score was not in their team’s favor, a situation that could turn the tie to nil.

“Fine,” he commented. Fernando Gago, The Argentine asked, “He headbutted Roberto Alvarado?” “Very clear penalty, similar to Mazatlan, equal or worse, very clear penalty. With a terrible fight, because of the penalties and because of what the players told me, with the uncomfortable comments of the referee, I saw that they were uncomfortable and without moving forward, the first expulsion of Torres (…) It was more or ” Less than Roberto Alvarado’s headbutt? It was a penalty, I’m right,” said the Chivas coach.

Referee Fernando Hernández, who was returning to whistle in the National Classic after serving a 12-game ban last year, did not consider the action a penalty. VAR The recusal was reviewed several times, there also it was determined that it was not in favor of punishment. Shivaj,

in the audio of VAR The whistleblowers’ reviews were heard in the cabin and they denied possible foul play on Alvarado; The central referee even commented that “Cáceres shrinks” to avoid contact, but this is due to inertia.

America And Shivaj In the month of March they faced each other three times, balancing one win for each, in addition to one draw in games corresponding to Liga MX. The third with everything and controversy.

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