The gringo owner of Portozul Clinic, Colmedica and Alianzalud continues to invest millions in Colombia

Clinica del Country’s owner, North American UnitedHealth, is building a mega-headquarters that is part of the health emporium founded by Richard T. Burke.

The gringo owner of Portozul Clinic, Colmedica and Alianzalud continues to invest millions in Colombia

North American company UnitedHealth continues its physical expansion around Clinica del Country, which it has owned since 2018, when it acquired Chilean Multilatina Banmedica for US$2.8 billion, along with the majority of Colmedica Medicina Prepagada. , EPS Alianzalud, controls the El Country Clinic and Colina Clinic in Bogotá and the Portojuul Clinic in Barranquilla.

It is currently demolishing 6,031.11 square meters to build a new 32,000-square-meter headquarters with 120 hospital beds, 12 operating rooms and 32 ICU beds, among other services. An area of ​​the city that has become a large medical center, where it has also grown through acquisitions, since last year it owns all the Country Scams, Resonancia Magnetica de Colombia and Resonancia Magnetica del Country and new buildings.

UnitedHealth was founded in January 1987 in Minnesota by Richard T. Burke, CEO and member of the board of directors, from which he had retired two years earlier. A health care company is the 14th largest public company in the United States.

The group includes UnitedHealthcare and Optum, with Optum providing care with the help of technology and data; And UnitedHealthcare offers a full range of health benefits, coverage and health care. With an estimated value of US$451.05 billion, its main shareholders are institutional investments with more than 50%, with Vanguard Group Inc. being the largest with 8.6%.

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