America vs. Envigado: Look at the dubious penalty with which Antioquinos tied Escarlata. colombian football betplay league

cali america And Envigado They could not progress beyond the draw at the South Sports Centre. Although Escarlata dominated the majority of the game, they were unable to get the three points on Antioquia soil.

And in an unusual action charged by referee Edwin Trujillo, Envigado was able to tie the match and prevent the US from winning at home to the Orange after 14 years.

After the 92nd minute and facing the need for an equaliser, Envigado sent a ball into the center and the game was controversial.

In action, Santiago Noreña was marked by Luis Paz and Rodrigo Holgado, who did not allow the defender to jump and he fell spectacularly to the ground while asking for a penalty.

However, although play initially continued, the referee was called by VAR and a penalty was awarded, which Byron Garces successfully took to declare equaliser.

See the suspicious action with which Envigado tied America

On the other hand, during the first half, the referee did not call a clear foul committed by Felipe Jaramillo on Yojana Garces, where the Envigado footballer arrived at the wrong time and hit his ankle. The referee continued the normal course of play and the play was not analyzed by VAR.


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