America wants to keep ‘Cabacita’, but they respect the player

Andre Jardin spoke about the possible departure of Jonathan Rodriguez after the defeat in Pachuca.

coach of America, andre jardinyou require jonathan rodriguez Stay in the Azulcrema team and do not migrate there of MLSWhere he has an offer to leave.

Garden He explained that he understands the situation of the footballer, who is 30 years old and could receive his last big contract in football.

“The subject is always delicate. It has three parts, mine, the club’s and the player’s. We respect and love the player a lot. jonathan stay. jonathan He is important for the team, he has decisive moments, he has scored important goals. Let’s see how it develops and it’s in the early moments,” the helmsman announced.

He also said that “America wants to keep Jonah, I talked to him, he liked the idea of ​​living here, which is different from what I read there. He is very happy, it is clear to him in the environment that everyone loves him, but there are many things going on in his mind. He is a 30-year-old player, if an important offer comes for him, it is a three-part thing, it is not easy, this is what we work for,” he expressed.

In the same sequence, he also talked about the defeat he faced. pachuca With a score of 2-1, which gave them the first blow Completion 2024,

“It’s always a difficult field, pachuca It is a well-managed team, with a solid identity, with a champion DNA, always with great stability, it competes a lot, it is intense, it has very powerful, intense players, the physical part weighs a lot. It was high and the ground was raining heavily all day”.

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