America will start Clausura 2024 with substitute players: Jardiance’s reasons

He Official start of preseason of America will start from next Monday, When foreign players and Mexicans had More participation during the campaign, Report to COPA facilities for necessary medical examinations.

After that the group, which is currently It’s already divided into two parts, It will start with preparations for the match against Tijuana on Saturday the 13th. Andre Jardin’s idea Facing duels against Xoloitzcuintles with players who were not so regular In the last championship.

moment for Oscar Jimenez, Israel Reyes and Santiago Naveda, To mention a few. It has come, because they will be the ones who will have the biggest responsibility apart from the hot field Completed with basic forces players Americanists want to be competitive where the country was born.

It will take until next January 15, before the debut at the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium, when The team reassembles as a wholeBoth with those who have action on the first date, and the rest who will focus on getting back into the rhythm after the December holidays.

When are American headlines returning?

Till the second day of the match, when the regular players wish Luis Angel Malagon, Kevin Alvarez, Julian Quinones or Henry Martin They could be on the grass to face the Gallos Blancos de Querétaro.

It has not yet been defined which players can integrate the game in Tijuana, but some young players prefer it Emilio Lara, Patricio Salas and even the first team member, Cristian Calderón, He will have minutes. Additionally, the likes of Bryan Rodriguez, Leonardo Suarez and Jonathan Rodriguez will be making the trip, although that is dependent on whether they remain with the club.

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This is Jardine’s idea. He will not put any of his players at riskKey to the start of the tournament and it will be on day two that the players who finished 14th a little less than a month ago will return.

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