American Airlines awards Santa Clara Airport

Ramon Ignacio Jimenez, General Manager of American flag carrier American Airlines, presented the award on behalf of the company to the “Abel Santamaría Cuadrado” International Airport of Santa Clara, Villa Clara, in the center of Cuba.

According to reports on the air terminal network, the “Customer Services Coop” Cup was presented to him by Manager Jiménez, in recognition of “excellence in operations” according to the indicators of the said company.

This airport in the central region, behind Havana, is the one that receives the most US Airlines flights to Cuba. American Airlines Company has 7 weekly operations from Santa Clara in January, including one daily operation from Miami, United States. Charters, meanwhile, are more numerous, with 16 weekly connections to Miami and Tampa throughout the month.

If you would like to see Santa Clara Airport’s complete flight schedule for January, check out this link. Click here.

This is the second time that American Airlines awards this cup to the employees of Santa Clara Airport, the closest to this city and to the hotel area of ​​Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Las Brujas and Ensenachos.

American Airlines and its flights to Cuba

American Airlines maintains a constant presence in Cuba, being the commercial company that maintains the most operations with more than 80 flights. According to officials, it would also be willing to increase flights if demand increases, especially from Miami.

The reduction in flights of other companies such as JetBlue, United Airlines and Delta Airlines, announced in 2023, leaves American “on top” in flights to Cuba, apart from charters.

There is also concern about a possible increase in ticket prices to Cuba in the future, especially as the US is becoming their best business option.

In addition to Santa Clara and Havana, this North American airline has connections to Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Varadero and Holguín.

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