Repairs begin on Guanabacoa pianist’s home

Rehabilitation work began this Wednesday at the home of Fernando David Conde Fernández, the pianist with mental problems who earned the admiration of thousands of Cubans. His talent of playing piano is going viral on social networks And the passion he feels for that musical instrument.

The Cuban comedian Limay Blanco showed on his social networks the work of a brigade that carried out in an ordinary house the works he considered necessary to provide a space with minimum conditions to live with dignity. used to go.

The tasks include painting the house, wiring and installing lamps to provide electricity to the place, as well as installing a new toilet and doors to guarantee the safety of the house.

Limaye specified that at the time Fernando recorded the video he was at his wife’s house. And reiterated that it is not necessary to provide more funds for this particular case.

Limaye also thanked a message of encouragement that a local neighbor gave him to quell the comedian’s anger over recent attacks on him.

“We are going to furnish the house and Fernando is going to give his concert.”concluded Limaye, who used the occasion to clarify to those who have defamed him in recent times that only God judges them.

The comedian revealed that in the last few hours he blocked 237 people between Facebook and Instagram for attacks against him.

In the subsequent live broadcast, Limaye chatted with Fernando via video call, to which he stressed that when the house is finished, they have to take good care of it.

In another post last Monday, Limaye said Fernando had a lot of emotions in recent days, which led the man who suffers from mental disability to behave violently.

That same day he explained it to him within a few hours More than 42 thousand cups were raised And more than a thousand in MLC to meet the basic needs of Fernando David Conde Fernandez.

It was last Sunday when Limay Blanco saw firsthand the terrible conditions in which Fernando David lived, after visiting the pianist’s home in the company of Lino Tomasén (“The Cuban Iron Man”).

A neighbor reported that the house caught fire and as a result of this incident, Fernando’s father suffered burns from which he could not recover and died.

Reviewing the list of basic requirements for a unique pianist, Fernando began playing several tunes. The equipment that many people brought for him this week From Kotro Municipality.

According to The Iron Man, who a few days ago He gave money, clothes, shoes to Fernando David And even some tobacco, a boy in the United States promised to send him an electric piano.

On Saturday it was revealed that Fernando There will be a fixed fee every month In “Aparatato”, a place in Guanabacoa where you can share your art and earn something for your livelihood.

The UNEAC community project “Huellas” also requested help to meet the health needs of Fernando, who suffers from inactive paranoid schizophrenia. According to a post on his Facebook, he needs two medicines as soon as possible: Fuferaficin Decanoate (injection) and Benadrylin tablets.

It was Religious Sister Ariagna Brito Rodríguez of the Sisters of Charity, Cardinal Sancha’s Catholic congregation, who They made Fernando famous by publishing his videos At a concert given in a nursing home managed by the Order she performed several songs, including Ave Maria.

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