This Jessica Chastain-Approved Hair Mask Is Only $52 on Amazon

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It’s a sad fact that winter can kill your hair. With its brutal winds and sharp temperature drops, keeping your hair healthy and moisturized during the colder months can be a feat. Thus, it is important to find hair masks and oils that help keep your hair nourished and happy even in bad weather. jessica chastainTea zero Dark Thirty And Servant The star is famous for her gorgeous red braids — and we found her favorite hair mask that keeps them looking so fabulous.

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in an interview with Tea strategist, Chastain highlights this hair mask for its moisturizing and anti-frizz properties. “There’s probably a pattern to all my favorite things, and that’s hydration,” Chastain told the publication. “Being a redhead, my skin and hair are very sensitive and I need to constantly hydrate myself. In the case of Philip Kingsley, I don’t even use it as directed; I use it maybe once or twice a week when I shower, I apply it to the ends of my hair, flip my hair up and go to sleep with wet hair. I never wash it; I keep it in my hair overnight. It’s all about moisture, and I love what it does in terms of giving me a little bit of shine. It’s a natural way to keep frizz at bay.”

Get the Philip Kingsley Hair Mask on Amazon for $52! Please note, prices are accurate as of January 24, 2024, but may be subject to change.

This Philip Kingsley hair mask will help bring vibrancy and life back to your dull hair. It uses hydrolyzed elastin, castor oil, olive oil and glycerin to hydrate, nourish and strengthen your hair. This mask also helps prevent breakage and bring back shine to dry, brittle follicles.

You can use this product on dry or wet hair, and it is a suitable option for all hair types. These essentials have been formulated with an understanding of trichology and how it will affect the texture, length and level of your hair.

In terms of how nourishing this hair mask is, one pleased reviewer said, “I used the mask today and after drying my hair I’m amazed at the texture, how the hair feels. My hair is not as brittle as before, plus it just feels softer and in a very different way! Highly recommend this product!”

When reviewing this product, an Amazon reviewer said, “This is so delicious. My sister has long wavy hair and needs a weekly mask to control the frizz. We were searching for the perfect product to control her ringlets and we found this. It works perfectly to keep her hair beautiful and curly, but not heavy. She looks good.” One final satisfied customer said, “I’ve used it twice now, leaving it on for at least thirty minutes each time. My hair hasn’t been this soft and manageable in years.” Were! I can’t keep my hands off it.”

Grab this multi-purpose Jessica Chastain-approved hair mask for an option that will help keep your hair in tip-top shape!

Check it out: Get the Philip Kingsley Hair Mask on Amazon for $52! Please note, prices are accurate as of January 24, 2024, but may be subject to change.

Not quite what you’re looking for? Check out more Philip Kingsley products here, and don’t forget to scope out Amazon Daily Deals for more great finds!

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