An analyst doubles his target price

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  • Famous crypto analyst Willy Woo released his new prediction about Bitcoin for the next year.
  • “The price of BTC will cross at least $125,000 (USD) before the end of 2025,” Wu highlighted.
  • Experts believe the key to price is the percentage of portfolio allocation that large institutions like BlackRock and Fidelity will give to the asset.

Experienced Crypto Analyst willy woo Informed his followers about the new launch Bitcoin Which he created.

,BTC price will cross minimum $125,000 (USD) before the end of 2025, Wu mentioned. On your official X account.

What must happen for the forecast to come true? The analyst pointed out that institutional adoption BTC has taken its first step with the approval of a spot ETF.

Wu gave examples and highlighted the role of black Rock And fidelity to truthWhose assets under management are more than $9.1 trillion and $4.2 trillion respectively.

Skyrocketing Bitcoin price is a must for this class of veteran investors Allocate 3% of your portfolio to BTCSomething that isn’t difficult to happen soon, Wu explained.

It is important to clarify that Wu made the last big guess about the leading cryptocurrency. it did not materializeSince he predicted that BTC would rise to US$200,000, when in November 2021 it only managed to reach US$69,000.

Other analysts predict Bitcoin price

At this time, Bitcoin accumulates There has been a profit of about 60% so far this year And is close to 67,000 USD.

With this panorama, two great investors and financial analysts like robert kiyosaki And tom lee He predicts the price of Bitcoin will soon hit $100,000 ahead of the scheduled halving next month.


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