Indigenous women ask Mexico to stop violence and recognize ancestral medicine

Guadalajara (Mexico), March 4 (EFE).- Mexican indigenous people this Monday called on the government to end the violence that plagues their communities and to recognize ancestral healing as a human right during a meeting in Guadalajara, in the west of the country. Demanded recognition. ,

Held within the framework of International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, activists and defenders of traditional culture talked about how to assert themselves so that women in their community know their rights and enforce them.

Cristina Martínez, of Mazahua origin, president of the Network for the Promotion of Women’s Human Rights in Jalisco, told EFE that women of indigenous origin coming to the cities face physical and psychological violence, discrimination and classism by ignoring the Spanish for their clothing and customs. Experiences. ,

“(We are suffering from violence), for not speaking, for not knowing, for our dress, for being indigenous, we suffer from discrimination and that’s where the creation of the association was born, that’s why we worked to support them (women) Have done and continue to provide information, we have achieved many power challenges, raise your voice and say we are here, he said in an interview.

The meeting was attended by women from organizations such as the Mazahua ‘Pajoxti’ Collective, Purepecha Women’s Collective ‘We Do Not Forget Our Traditions’, ‘Tettei’ Collective of Wiksaritari Women Fighting for Mother Earth, Ar Lele Doll Collective Hanahu. ‘, and ‘Dreams of Mixtec women and roots’.

The meeting was led by María de Jesús Patricio ‘Marichuy’, a Nahua indigenous woman and traditional healer who was the spokesperson for the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) for the 2018 presidential campaign and who trained attendees on their human rights.

Participants discussed the relevance of traditional medicine to their communities in the face of a lack of accessible medical services.

“(That they recognize traditional medicine like midwifery because (now) if a child is born with a midwife, it cannot be registered (with the government), what we want is that They should recognize all the work that we’re doing from our world view, there were no doctors in our community before,” said Martínez.

Attendees read a statement in which they demanded that their rights be respected in cities, that their dress, their language and their right to express themselves be valued, that translators be helped in public institutions to prevent abuses. Don’t have to be a victim.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), Mexico has one of the largest indigenous populations in the Americas, with more than 23 million people who consider themselves indigenous, about 7 million of whom speak indigenous languages. efe



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