Ancelotti has never mentioned it, he is fed up with the situation he is experiencing at Real Madrid and wants to leave the club


He arrived with a poster of one of the great promises of world football, but this was his first season real Madrid This is not what was expected.

He grew tired of Pep Guardiola and left Manchester City after playing only four games in two seasons

Arda Guler He has constantly suffered from injury problems and when he is healthy, his coach, Carlo Ancelotti, never coaches him, no matter the situation.

ancelotti He has not changed his attack area Vinicius, Rodrigo and Bellingham He is a permanent starter and his entry for the Turks has been an odyssey, or at least it feels that way.

Arda has been most affected by this lack of rotation and has played slowly in the Copa del Rey against Arandina. Brahim and JoseluWhere he showed his skills and good physical condition.

He also had some minutes in the Spanish Super Cup athleticbut since then spanish league He is going through tough times and wants to leave Real Madrid to shoot some films.

Ancelotti has not trusted him in the last three matches. He did not participate in the finals of spanish super cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, against barcelona, not even in the derby copa del rey At the Metropolitano against Atlético, which also had extra time, nor against ud almeria,

In the last game he was disappointed and went to the bench. ancelotti They heated him up and didn’t let him play even for a minute. This took all the frustration away Guler,

ancelotti He is a clear-headed coach and generally does not improvise with players he does not trust unless absolutely necessary.

Arda Guler He could leave the team on loan, that would be ideal, but real Madrid While this exodus has not yet been planned, what is clear is that the Turk wants to play more.

This never happened to Cristiano Ronaldo: “I apologize and am sad; These are things I can’t control.”

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