Ancestral Knowledge with Health Risks

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Although every year Medicine Despite rapid progress, there are still people who prefer to go to other types of specialists homeopathThe herbalismCall “Bonesetters“And others who enter traditional medicine, Their existence is controversial as it is believed that their methods are not completely effective and can put people at risk through malpractice.

of this type traditional treatment It has many aspects, but the main thing is that those who practice it are based on Knowledge, Techniques And ancestral practices With which they allegedly cure people’s diseases. This causes controversy because of how they operate, with little or no regulation. no security guaranteeAs an alternative for those who cannot afford a doctor.

They involve risk because of the way they work; For example, on February 9 “Magician“Lagunilla was cleaning a house in the neighborhood pueblafor which they used gunpowder Due to which there was an explosion and he lost his life. Although not everyone uses these methods, little is known about how they work and whether most involve the same risks.

traditional medicine This is a practice recognized by the World Health Organization (Who) And it is defined as the sum of knowledge, skills and practices based on principles, beliefs and experiences indigenous origin From different cultures, which aim to treat, prevent and diagnose all types of ailments, from physical to mental and emotional.

are inside it Various topics and experts In addition to those mentioned, such as the above bonesetters, herbalists and healers, but also midwivesThe Prayer, sobadores And hail, Each has its own specific work area and functions.

Magician: This would be equivalent to a general doctor, as he has no specific area of ​​care and treats almost any condition. For this to happen it is necessary that the person be the “initiator”, that is, he came from a cultural lineage Almost divine to be able to perform. Their work is based on rituals that include “cleansing”, even the interpretation of dreams and the cure of apparently non-physical ailments.

Bonesetters And sobadores: These treat fractures, sprains, strains, dislocations, joint pain, deformities and other ailments related to the skeleton and muscles. For this they usually use oils of animal and vegetable origin as well as ointments Ancestral Origin Which they make themselves. His methods are based apply input Massage the affected areas with your hands or mold the bones to adjust or the muscles to heal.

Herb:These physicians mainly use floors and its derivatives for the treatment of the sick. The way they learn this discipline is by being taught verbally by others who are more experienced. It is necessary to practice this knowledge of herbs and the plants in your area, as well as their properties and possible contraindications.

midwives: It is an activity which is mostly done by women, because they are the ones who experience the pain of labor firsthand. Over the centuries they have shared their knowledge that ranges from observation during pregnancy to delivery and the care of mother and newborn baby thereafter. their knowledge also comes in handy avoid dangerous situations To newborn babies.

granite:For their part, cheerleaders have the “power” to control, predict, and control weather conditions, They are usually priests or ritualists, whose main job was to request rain and end drought, but they also perform agricultural and healing rituals. shamanic, They are also given gifts to tell the future.

Who Recognizes these practices as parts of cultures and alternatives to natural remedies, but also advocates their practice in optimal conditions. That’s why they see them as safe treatment, as long as they meet safety, quality and effectiveness standards; However, they also emphasize that risk What happens if they are combined with other treatments or if they are given in high doses.

treatment HomeopathicFor example, an allergic reaction may occur if given incorrectly, or may simply placebos Which does not treat any condition. In other cases, such as Bonesetters, there may be severe bone loss and joints due to poor healing of the treated area.

Sometimes people come together traditional healer Because other medical services are not accessible, one has the experience of seeing how other people heal, or because one believes that they have been cured. more accessible Compared to other doctors. Collection The services they provide depend on the type of work and the experience of the curator.

For example, a “Clean“In a place like Catemaco it can cost up to 4,000 pesosbut others go no further 150 to 300 pesos, To accompany the birth, a Babysitter usually charges up to 1,500 pesos, Ultimately, a bone joint Provides its services up to 250 or 300 pesos, This is reflected in their income level, according to data mexicoHis monthly salary is 3,300 pesos For 18 hours per week.

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