Andrés Manuel López Obrador after Javier Miley’s attack: Moral economy is better than neoliberalism

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), highlighted the strengthening of his country’s currency against the US dollar during his administration and said that with the facts he demonstrated that “the moral economy is better than neoliberalism.” The statements come after his Argentinian counterpart, Javier Miley, described him as “ignorant”.

Through a publication on his X account, the Mexican President on Wednesday shared a statistical graph on the exchange rate in his country and pointed out that poverty and inequality have decreased.

“The peso is the currency that has strengthened the most in the world against the dollar; today its value has risen more than it has in nine years, closing at 16.56 pesos per dollar. Poverty and inequality have declined. With the facts we show It is the moral economy that is better than neoliberalism,” wrote Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,

already, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has criticized his counterpart xavier miley, For example, when the then Argentine candidate launched harsh criticism against Pope Francis he was labeled a “conservative faco”. Later, when the independence representative became president, the Mexican president assured that there was an “own goal” in that country.

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Preview of interviews with the program the day before Oppenheimer PresentsWhich will be broadcast on Sunday 31 March cnn, xavier miley He attacked Mexican presidents Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and from Colombia, Gustavo Petro. He called the former “ignorant” and the latter a “terrorist murderer”.

xavier miley He reacted this way after comments by Claudia Shainbaum, the Mexican president and candidate of that country’s ruling party for the next elections, who accused him of imposing extreme neoliberalism in Argentina.

“It’s a compliment that an ignorant person likes lopez obrador Speak bad about me, it will increase my prestige,” the Argentinian president said.

This Thursday, the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He precisely mentioned the adjective “ignorant” and accepted the adjective coined by Xavier Miley.

,miley He claimed I was “ignorant” because I called him a “conservative fako.” You are right: I still don’t understand how Argentina, despite being so intelligent, voted for a man who is imprecise, who despises people and who accused his countryman Francisco of being a “communist” and a “representative of the wicked.” Dared to accuse him of being. in the earth”, when it comes to the most Christian Pope and defender of the poor that I have ever known or heard of. Post data: Embrace gustavo petro“, wrote.

decline in economy

It should be noted that economic activity last January argentina It was once again significantly hit by the ‘surprise’ adjustment made by the government of Xavier Miley, which recently turned 100 days old, and very high inflation has crushed demand for goods and services.

According to National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) argentinaThe estimator of economic activity, an indicator that serves as a provisional advance to measure the quarterly variation of gross domestic product (GDP), declined by 1.2% last January compared to the previous December.

This decline shows some moderation relative to the 2.8% decline that occurred in the last month of 2023, but nevertheless, it confirms the decline in economic activity. argentinaWhich has displayed negative monthly indicators since November last year.

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