Angelina Jolie: Big surprise! The actress has completely changed her look, her fans are surprised by her new look.

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A change in look that we did not expect! If in recent weeks Angelina Jolie’s hair seemed to be lightening, the actress made a surprising completely blonde appearance in New York this Wednesday, February 21. But it’s hard to know whether this new style is the result of preparation for a film… or a simple desire for change!

Angelina Jolie: Big surprise! The actress has completely changed her look, her fans are surprised by her new look.

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In recent years, she has been somewhat busy: between her separation from her ex-husband Brad Pitt, her divorce battle, the departure of her elders for university and her various humanitarian projects, Angelina Jolie barely has enough time to sit down. was not. Get down and think about cinema. But now that she has restored a certain balance to her family, the actress and director is making her comeback: in a few months, she will exclusively play Maria Callas in a highly anticipated biopic.

Did he completely change his mind for this role? Hard to know: appeared on the streets of New York this Wednesday hair dyed blondeAnd even after her recent balayage, it looks like the actress wants to try a new look at age 48 (even though she went blonde for several movies years ago.) in 2021 , especially, she tried this color movie imaginary miracle And eternal, Quickly back to the brunette, she didn’t have time to show her fans how perfect it is for her. It’s done now!

Especially with three films (every note played, unlucky 3 and spy movie Maude Vs. Maude) Expected for this year (not counting). kung fu panda 4, in which she doubles as Tigress), the public will have time to admire this new hair color. However: for several weeks, and especially during her rare appearance in 2024, she had already begun to lighten her gray hair. But many of them did not expect to see her so fair!

his children united around him

Dressed in a black coat with a striking collar, the actress wore sunglasses to hide her eyes and took off in a large SUV, just like she did with her daughter Zahara a few weeks ago. The young girl, apparently away for university holidays, had accompanied her mother to New York to manage her affairs. It is a rare appearance as the 19-year-old teenager studies in the south of the country and, like her brothers and sisters, she prefers to remain discreet and discreet, away from photographers.

But we imagine that the actress has six children (Maddox, 22, Pax, 20, Zahara, 19, Shiloh, 17, and Knox and Vivienne, 15) whom she has been raising single-handedly since then. Divorce and the violent anger of her father Brad Pitt prompted her to adopt this new look. In any case, we love it!

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