Palazuelos accused of ‘dirty war’ due to electoral preference

Quintana Roo, Mexico.– Roberto Palazuelos, Senate candidate for the Citizens Movement (MC), assured that a dirty war has been plotted against him in order to advance in the elections, and assured that the woman who informed him of his eviction will be ” Was beaten.”

In a video that he circulated on his social networks as a “very important message”, the actor and businessman also presented three points. In the first, he asserted that those who do not want him to hold a seat in the Upper House have used artificial intelligence to create videos with his image.

“It is being used a lot in all the campaigns of the Mexican Republic and it is the new way of waging a dirty war. Don’t pay attention to those things, the only thing you are afraid of is that I am going too high and you Know that you are going to lose the election”, he pointed out.

In the second point, he alleged that, on behalf of this alleged group, a series of surveys had been promoted which, he said, had been manipulated by telephone, a method which he discredited.

He added, “And besides, the questions are asked so that their candidate is on top and I am on the bottom, which only shows fear because they know they are going to be on the bottom.”

As a final point, Amesista, an aspirant to a senatorial office, condemned the complaint filed yesterday by Lizbeth Romano, who accused him of illegal appropriation of land in the hotel zone of Tulum, Quintana Roo.

“These unfortunate people, because that’s what they are, less educated, ordinary people, the worst, then God will make them pay the price of health and they will lose power, these people also hired a woman named Lizbeth and made her a Have taken to open the investigation folder or I don’t know what. This woman Lizabeth had a case with me which lasted for four years.

“He first finished the first instance where he accused all his nonsense which was not justified, then from there he went to the magistrates where they also beat him, he accused everything and they did not go any further. In the end, He went to the last instance in our legal system which is Amparo, he also lost in Amparo. The federal judge ordered the judge of first instance to execute the sentence. When he gave this order, he was given a notice that in 30 days “He can return the property in good faith, in good faith, but they did not follow through and then a female actuary assigned to the judiciary arrived and carried out the punishment,” he said.

With this, “Black Diamond” refused to carry out the eviction, and according to their version, it was a legal eviction “with all the laws”.

“What’s more, when she was evicted, a warehouse was rented to store her furniture. The woman had four years and several times to allege that all her legal arguments were incoherent, that They don’t apply to him and that’s why he lost his case. So, okay, don’t get into all this stuff. You know me, you know who I am and all they’re concerned about is that I’m in the polls. I am progressing a lot.

“The elections are about to start, it is going to be a huge popular festival. I will be a gentleman, I will not kill anyone, I don’t need that. There are people with me. They need this because they are nothing. The only thing they bring is a brand, a brand that when you put it on me, it goes down,” he said without mentioning the name.

Lizbeth Romano said she was evicted on March 26, 2021, from the property that now houses a Palazuelos hotel and restaurant.

Videos from that year circulate on social networks in which the current candidate is caught with an operation by the Tulum Municipal Police, and it is seen that the woman and the staff of the then “Yoga Shala Tulum Hotel” were evicted. Is. Restaurant “Canopia Tulum”.

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