The best trick to start the car when the battery is dead

When a vehicle does not have enough electrical power to operate the starter motor there are options to fix it. (pictorial image infobae)

Going out for a walk and the battery of the vehicle in which you are traveling dies midway through the journey is a tough problem from which no driver is untouched by. Fortunately, there are several techniques with which you can start the vehicle without the need to resort to the services of assistance.

let’s remember this The battery is an important component in the starting system of a car and if it does not have enough electrical energy, it will not be possible to start the engine normally.

Apart from this, it should also be kept in mind that if a car stops for some time Your battery can drain when it’s cold, This can also happen by keeping the car lights on.

Starting a car without a battery is possible and there are several ways to do it. (accelerated battery)

Ways to start a vehicle without battery, “Nudge” emerges as a viable solutionEspecially in situations where equipment or outside assistance is not available.

push start Take advantage of the car’s physical momentum To generate the necessary impulse that allows the engine to start. This technique requires certain skills and physical conditions, and its execution on a downward slope is ideal to minimize the effort required.

The process involves pushing the car, press the clutch and engage second gear And, once the vehicle has gained sufficient speed, carefully release the clutch to activate the engine.

Selecting second gear instead of first or third makes the process easier, adapt to the required force So that the car starts without the need for electrical energy.

It is important to remember this technique Should be used only in exceptional cases And always with caution, keeping in mind that these types of situations can be prevented by proper battery maintenance and responsible use of the vehicle.

Additionally, it is important to consider that if the battery is damaged, This method will not suffice To solve the problem long term, replacement or repair will be required.

The clamp is an excellent solution, but you need the clamp and another vehicle. (accelerated battery)

Using the starter cable or car clipThis, along with the assistance of another battery-powered vehicle, can provide a quick and effective solution.

This process, which involves Connect two batteries to transfer power From one to the other, certain precautions are required to prevent damage to both the supporting vehicle and the load receiving vehicle.

These essential steps begin ensure correct connection Respecting the color coding of the clamps to guarantee the safe flow of electricity, through specific terminals.

It is also very important to have a donor car keep your engine runningTo avoid draining your own battery during the process.

It is advisable to disable such systems consume energy unnecessarilySuch as multimedia and air conditioning systems, to maximize initial efficiency.

And before proceeding with starting the affected car it is recommended perform slight acceleration Facilitates the transfer of sufficient charge to start the engine of the other vehicle, in the donor vehicle.

Using this device represents an accessible alternative And efficient as it can be found in most businesses including supermarkets and gas stations.

A car’s battery is a vital component in the starting system. (Mitsubishi)

Portability and versatility External batteries have spread into the automotive sectorOffers a practical solution for drivers who suffer the inconvenience of a dead battery in their vehicle.

These devices are known as Portable Car Starter or Power Bank for VehiclesThey have a minimum capacity of 8,000 mAh and are equipped with clips that connect to the car’s terminals, making it easy to start in case of emergency.

The operation of these auxiliary batteries is simple: These are adjusted by clamps on the terminals Follow the color code corresponding to the vehicle to ensure correct connection.

Once connected, they allow the car to start, after which Must be disconnected with the engine running So that the battery of the vehicle keeps getting recharged gradually. This method not only provides independence to the driver by avoiding the need for external assistance, but also ensures an effective way to deal with unexpected situations.

Furthermore, these tools are not limited to being useful for vehicle emergencies; These also work as portable batteries For electronic devices, increasing its value as a multifunctional device.

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