Angelina Jolie looks fairer than ever, actress seen with new hair color (very trendy!)

Angelina Jolie was seen with a new hairstyle as she was photographed in front of her new boutique in New York. The actress decided to change her hair color and adopt a very fashionable look this spring-summer.

Angelina Jolie has definitely ditched her gray hair. The 48-year-old actress, who was seen on the streets of New York on February 21, has changed her hair color again. While she sported blonde balayage for weeks, the mom of Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne opted for slightly lighter shade,

In an almost all-black look with the Collective Mind handbag, Angelina Jolie is in fashionable blonde style for spring-summer 2024. A bright and shiny shade with warm reflections, with slightly darker roots, which bring a lot of shine to their complexion. Photographed in front of her new concept store, Atelier Jolie, in the NoHo district, Angelina Jolie shines with this blonde hairdo and proves to us that it’s totally possible to embrace a naturally darker complexion.

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Angelina Jolie fabulous with trendy blonde for Spring-Summer 2024

As we told you a few weeks ago in our analysis of color trends for 2024 blondes with hot highlights Are back this spring-summer. Ultra-shiny and shiny, they add shine to the hair without any limitations, and provide a very natural result. Like Angelina Jolie, it is completely possible to wear this type of color based on brown, provided you respect some rules.

To achieve this blonde hair color based on gray, it is ideal to do bleaching in stages, gradually lightening the hair over months. Cleaning should be done very delicately, after a few centimeters of the roots, to avoid demarcation. Finally, hair maintenance must anti yellowing treatmentTo avoid any yellow or orange reflection.

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