Angelina Jolie visits her boutique in New York with her children

To visit the first boutique of her Atelier Jolie brand, Angelina Jolie came with three of her six children. In New York, the 48-year-old actress was photographed with her daughter Zahara (18 years old) and her sons Pax (20 years old) and Knox (15 years old).

For this outing in the East Village of the “Big Apple”, Angelina Jolie focused on comfort, wearing all black, complete with a quilted tote bag. If she only had three children with him, the actress is also the mother of Maddox (22 years old), Shiloh (17 years old) and Vivienne (15 years old, Knox’s twin sister), all children born after her marriage to Brad Pitt.

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In her New York boutique, Angelina Jolie has set up various services, in addition to the obvious shopping area. According to “Page Six”, the venue is also expected to include a café “run by immigrant or refugee chefs” and an art gallery. A place full of all the arts and social commitments that we know from the actress who recently admitted that she wanted to “quit Hollywood”.

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Angelina Jolie wants to leave LA

Last December 5, in an interview with “Wall Street Journal Magazine”, Angelina Jolie admitted that if she were to start her career in 2023, “(she) would not be an actress”: “When I started my career Did it, weren’t all these expectations about our personal lives? »

The mother, who has been separated from Brad Pitt since 2016, said she no longer wants to live in Los Angeles but in her charming home in Cambodia: “I’ve wandered here for too long, everything has already been said. After the divorce, I lost the desire to live or travel independently. I will leave as soon as I can. Hollywood is not a healthy place, so we look for authenticity. ,

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While waiting for her possible departure, Angelina Jolie will star in Pablo Larraín’s “Maria”, the filming of which began in Paris. She plays the role of Greek singer Maria Callas.

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