Apple advises that if an iPhone gets wet, avoid putting it in rice and let it dry outside

Apple advises users to avoid putting the iPhone in a bag of rice every now and then to soak up moisture, as it warns that this could damage the device, and recommends letting it dry in a dry place outside. Is. With air flow.

Smartphones accompany users everywhere in their daily lives and this means that, sometimes, accidents can occur that end up causing the device to get wet, either because it has fallen in an area of ​​liquid or because For example, a drink has been spilled on him.

In these situations, in the case of iPhones, if there is any liquid left, for example, in the connector, the device is able to detect it and send an alert notification to users when connecting a Lightning or USB-C cable or accessories. . ,

In these cases, the charging cable must be disconnected “immediately” and as a preventive measure to avoid damaging the smartphone, charging and connection of accessories is no longer available.

To restore these functions, users need to drain all liquids from the iPhone and dry it.

However, going away from some common misconceptions among users, Apple recommends not placing the smartphone in rice as a method of absorbing moisture left in the mobile.

Notably, the Tim Cook-led company, in a support publication, has pointed out some actions that should not be taken when the iPhone gets wet for any reason and displays the liquid detection warning.

One of the actions he recommends avoiding is placing the iPhone in a bag of rice, because, as he emphasizes, small grain particles can penetrate the gaps of the smartphone and cause even more damage to the device. Are.

Similarly, Apple also does not recommend drying the iPhone using an external heat source or compressed air, such as a hair dryer.

These methods may heat the device, which may negatively impact its operation.

Similarly, the company has detailed that foreign objects should not be inserted into the hole of the iPhone to dry it.

That is, it recommends avoiding inserting cotton swabs or paper towels into the connector to dry out any moisture.

These elements can leave debris in the cavity that will interfere with subsequent connections, as well as damage the device when attempting to insert them.

How to dry out an iPhone

However, although storing the iPhone in a bag of rice is not recommended by the company, Apple has shared some guidelines for drying the smartphone safely.

First, the company recommends “taping” the iPhone to the front of the user’s hand with the connector facing down. This way, the excess fluid will drain out.

After that, you just need to leave the smartphone in a dry area where there is “some airflow”.

Specifically, Apple has indicated that it should be left to rest for “at least 30 minutes” to give it time to dry.

Once this period has passed, users should try charging the iPhone again with a Lightning or USB-C cable or connect an accessory.

If the smartphone is completely dry, it will proceed to its normal operation. However, if the warning notification appears again, it means there is still liquid or moisture in the connector or under the cable pins.

As detailed by Apple, in these cases, the iPhone should be left in a dry area with airflow for “up to a day.”

If all of the above does not work and the iPhone still does not charge, users should try disconnecting the cable from the adapter and, in the same way, disconnect the adapter from the wall.

Later, they can try to reconnect everything to test the load.

On the other hand, the company has also indicated that if a liquid detection alert appears when a cable or accessory is connected, it may be damaged and hence, users should contact Apple Support.

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