Apple makes battery claims in its latest video for the iPhone 15 Plus

Apple continues to air video ads related to the great battery life of the iPhone 15 Plus. Is that really how this ad presents it?

Apple makes battery claims in its latest video for the iPhone 15 Plus
New announcement about long-lasting battery of iPhone 15 Plus

In his latest announcements, Apple publishes a video highlighting the battery life of the iPhone 15 Plus, He defines it as “very long battery life for relentless moments” that ends with the now typical “Relax, it’s the iPhone 15 Plus.” Is the iPhone 15 Plus battery inefficient?

Apple promotes the powerful battery of its iPhone 15 Plus with a new video

This is the second promotional announcement regarding the battery of the iPhone 15 Plus. Recently in December, there was an advertisement in which an electrical outlet came to life and the device went off while singing a song.

New ad is on during that day A father films his son trying to break some wooden blocks, At the end of the video it goes dark and You can watch the video of approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes duration, Can you record that long and still save more hours of battery life?

The iPhone 15 Plus has the best battery life ever

Except for the iPhone 15 Pro Max which has up to 29 hours of video playback (4422 mAh), iPhone 15 Plus has 26 hours of video playback (4383 mAh)Very good capacity battery above iPhone 15 (3349 mAh).

The size of the device allows the inclusion of a larger battery And usually they introduce Plus versions of the iPhone, trying to differentiate themselves and give more usage time to their users. It may not offer another camera lens, a 120Hz screen like the iPhone Pro, but the battery is far greater than the normal sized Pro.

The iPhone 15 Plus battery is one of the best in the history of Apple's flagship devices

The iPhone 15 Plus battery is one of the best in the history of Apple’s flagship devices

The people of Cupertino, after presenting new iPhones and products in general, They are dedicated to giving it deep exposure in advertisements highlighting important features, It’s like the arrival notification feature on the iPhone to let your loved ones and family know that you’ve arrived somewhere.

As in this ad shared by Apple in which a father is waiting for his daughter to arrive at school, worried because she is driving, it is actually an action that helps a lot because announcing it What is not always possible is when we reach a certain point in time either because of haste or because of the urgency of activities following said arrival.

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