Apple officially warns its users not to put their phones in rice if they get wet

North American company scraps a technology that isn’t recommended

Apple officially warns its users not to put their phones in rice if they get wet
Rice is better used for delicious dishes than technology

Over the years we have shown you some move There is a lot of interesting for your Apple device, whether it is how to charge iPhone faster or the best solution for overheating iPhone. you can meet one wet terminal at some point and therefore Apple warned what to do In such cases. No more. Rice is not a good solution.

Please, don’t put rice on iPhones anymore

We’ve all heard that a equipment in rice For remove excess moisture there is one strategy It is advisable and, moreover, probably many of you have chosen this emergency route at one time or another. Manzana gives you one brag a little And he has reasons to do so.

Thanks to the information published on Apple’s support page, which outlines the steps to take if an error occurs on your device. Message About this Detecting liquid in charging connectorThe company states that the solution to this problem is to not use any of the famous grains.

Apple is very clear about this and when it exposes things not to do if you iPhone shows message liquid found out in additiveTells:

  • No one has to dry phone with one heat source external or air compressorLike hair dryer.
  • No one has to introduce objects In the connector, such as toilet paper or cotton swab.
  • At the end, No one has to put iPhone in riceBecause some small particles of grain can damage the equipment.

However, the company headed by Tim Cook also offers very interesting tips to face liquid introduction inside of additive iPhone charging port, with either a Lightning or USB Type C connection. Steps to dry phone Would like:

  • Give soft knock the phone from the palm of the hand and bottom connector,
  • leave the phone in a dry and dry place during 30 minute,
  • If you plug in the charging cable and the warning of liquid inside appears again, leave it for a day In one place.
  • If you already have dry phoneBut does not loadTry removing the charger from the socket and the charger cable and reconnect them.

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