Apple will surprise with the new Mac: it will have a special screen to compete with Microsoft

Until now, Apple’s iMacs did not include this feature in its desktop computers. (pictorial image infobae)

Apple is considering implementing significant changes to its iMac product line, highlighting the possibility of incorporating touch screens.

This information comes from a recently reported patent application, indicating interest by the company in evolving its desktop computers towards a more versatile and adaptable design.

The inclusion of touch functionality in iMacs would represent a radical change in the design philosophy of Apple, which had until now maintained a reluctant stance toward these types of features in its desktop computers. Focusing this functionality on specific devices like the iPad and iPhone.

Apple intends to attract the attention of artists and digital creators with this touch customization. (pictorial image infobae)

The patent describes a device with a pivot support, which would facilitate its transportation and optimize the space it occupies, thus contributing to the mobility and flexibility of the device.

This detail is not trivial, Because it proposes a solution to the growing demand for more portable and ergonomic devicesEspecially in dynamic and creative work environments.

Furthermore, the distinctive features of a device with a touch screen were evident. Of course this change will be a response to market trends, Which has seen the success of products with similar features, such as the Microsoft Surface Studio, which have attracted the attention of creative professionals and designers.

Microsoft Surface is one of the most requested touch PCs. (Photo: Microsoft)

This strategy is in line with Apple’s growing interest in better integrating its devices and services, providing a seamless and seamless user experience.

Apple’s decision to reconsider including touchscreens in its iMacs may have been influenced by advances in touchscreen technologyWhich now offer greater accuracy and sensitivity, facilitating their use in design and creativity tasks.

This would be a significant contradiction to previous statements by Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing. who in 2016 expressed skepticism about the feasibility of these types of products due to ergonomics and usability concerns.

Apple had not considered the idea of ​​touch screens for its iMacs until now. (Photo EFE/EPA/John G. Mabanglo)

Other than this, Possible introduction of touch iMacs This is a reflection not only of Apple’s ability to adapt and respond to changes in consumer preferences, but also of potential changes in the way users interact with desktop computers.

The combination of a touch screen with the power and performance offered by iMacs can open up new possibilities for dedicated applications and software. creativity and productivityExpanding Apple’s target market toward areas that require more versatile and adaptive devices.

The possibility of a Touch iMac suggests an approach where interactions between Apple devices are more fluid and natural, allowing users to switch from an iPhone or iPad to an iMac at any time easily and without disruption to their workflow.

One of the aims of the brand is to improve the connection of Apple devices. (Photo: Apple)

Too, By implementing these features you will be a leader in the competitionIf you can say that, it’s more in line with other devices that already have this touch function integrated, such as the Microsoft Surface Studio.

Apple’s exploration of integrating touch screens into its iMacs highlights the customization by companies to suit the needs of their users. The development of a team with brand characteristics and new functions can define whether a company’s efforts to explore new creative methods are viable.

This potential development could be another venue for change in desktop computing, which would focus the future of these devices toward versatility, mobility, and interactivity, elements increasingly demanded by consumers in the digital age.

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