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Currently in the casting of “Aquaman 2”, Amber Heard thanked her fans for their unwavering support.

Starring in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom on December 20 – her first film to be released in theaters following the end of her lawsuit against ex-husband Johnny Depp – Amber Heard thanked fans for the support she’s received.

Mera’s interpreter, Arthur’s partner (Jason Momoa), who first appeared in Justice League in 2017, posted a message on his Instagram account with photos from the film’s set.

“After so much time, Aquaman 2 rocks (sorry, that’s too simple). Thank you to all my fans for their unwavering support and Mera’s return in Aquaman. Thank you so much.”

The comments come following controversy over potential scenes cut from his character in Aquaman 2. In May 2022, during her trial, the actress announced that the script of James Wan’s feature film was revised to reduce her scenes.

“I was given a script, then given different versions where the action sequences were removed. Without spoiling too much, two characters had to face the other. In the new version, my character did less things. He The bad stuff wasn’t removed. I fought to stay on this film. They didn’t want me in it.”

Director James Wan refutes Amber Heard’s comments in columnEntertainment Weekly, According to him, if Meera has less presence in this second part, it is only due to a deliberate choice of the script. The latter want to make this film a big-movie.

“I always said the first Aquaman was about Arthur and Mera’s journey and the second would be about Arthur and Orm (Patrick Wilson). The first was a mix of romance, action and adventure. The second was a mix of bromance, action. And Thrill. I won’t say anything more than that.”,

With a budget of $205 million, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has grossed $258 million internationally to date. In France, the feature film attracted 93,494 viewers (including 25,963 in previews) on its first day, while the first Aquaman attracted 150,003 viewers. Just 15 days after its theatrical release, the DCU’s latest adventure brought more than 1.2 million viewers to French theaters. This is a failure of the studio and confirmation that superhero movies are no longer popular.

Will James Gunn and Peter Safran’s complete revamp of the DCU succeed in bringing audiences back to theaters? The answer is on July 9, 2025, with the release of Gunn’s film, Superman: Legacy, the first part of the new DC Universe.

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