Are Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in love? actor comes out of silence

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Lady Gaga fans won’t forget February 24, 2019. That evening, the popstar won her first Oscar for Best Original Song with “Shallow” from the film “A Star Is Born.” By the way, 8 awards were won by the only feature film among them. But beyond her win, everyone especially remembered the performance of Lady Gaga, who shared a duet with Bradley Cooper on “Shallow” on stage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. While exchanging glances and smiles, the two American stars appeared very, very close, so much so that rumors of a relationship between the singer and the actor began to grow rapidly, especially since their relationship broke up a few months later. Model Irina Shayk is once again fueling rumors in the corridors.

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“Lady Gaga is beautiful and charismatic”

This evening, a few years after the incident, Bradley Cooper broke his silence. In turn a portrait of Lady Gaga hollywood reporter For the release of “House of Gucci”, the actor was seen in “Very Bad Trip” or “American” Sharpshooter“Full of praise for what he has put together under his direction.” “A Star Is Born” is very special, and there has always been a meta element to this project. (Lady Gaga) is very beautiful and charismatic. (…) When we met, I said to myself: “If I master all this easily… I risk ruining everything”. But we started working together and I was like, “Uh oh, there’s a huge ceiling for what she can do and the way she gets into it.” The actor and director believe this, while also saluting his daily commitment: ” He helped many people by telling his story ,

What about that famous performance on the Oscars stage, where they seemed closer than ever? Bradley Cooper assured that it was connected to the story and the relationship between the characters of the film “A Star Is Born”, broadcast this Sunday evening on TF1: ” From a personal perspective, it reduces anxiety levels. In this scene of the film they kind of fall in love. It’s an explosive moment when they’re on stage in front of thousands of people… It would have been weird if we were sitting on stools in the audience ,

As a reminder, a few days after the Oscar evening, Lady Gaga already talked about rumors of a romantic relationship with Bradley Cooper. , Yes people saw the love and guess what? This is what we wanted to show you. “Shallow” is a love song. The movie “A Star Is Born” is a romance movie. We worked very hard, we worked all week on this performance. It was very important for us to stay connected at all times in terms of performance Then he replied to Jimmy Kimmel.

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