Ricardo Salinas Pliego comes out in defense of bullfighting

Considering the reopening of Plaza Mexico Home bull fightingA situation that arose this Sunday Hundreds of people march against bullfighting through various routes of Mexico CityBusinessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego came forward in defense of bullfightingA cultural activity that has divided opinions around the world for many years.

What did Ricardo Salinas say about bullfighting?

through your accountX’ (formerly Twitter), so-called social networks such as uncle richie published a long message in which he expressed the reasons for is in favor return of bull fighting Till the country’s capital.

“Today I am going to the bulls… Why? If I am a big protector of animals: Because i want, Because I was not born to make anyone happy. Because I can. Because I have many friends among them and we should support them. Because to criticize you have to testify,”

“But most of all, because I want to celebrate the reopening of Plaza Mexico Despite prohibitionist efforts by those who try to restrict people’s freedom.

Salinas Pliego demands respect for bullfighting fans

Other than this, Salinas Pliego emphasized that respect opinions Those who are against this activity, also asked for respect For the followers of bullfighting,

“Now, I want to make it clear I completely respect those who don’t want to go. And of course, I would never force anyone to go against their wishes. I understand that many people consider it violent… in some words incomprehensible, but It is our duty to respect”,

,My recommendation for those who don’t want to go. Do not go, do something else. learn that we are all different, unequal and we think differently. Know that each person has the right to live his or her life differently, always without influencing “the life project of others” and respecting the rights of others.

Ownership tv azteca And other companies like Electra concluded that controversial message Quoting the famous phrase of Benito Juárez “Respecting the rights of others is La Paz”Also made it clear that he will continue to enjoy the ‘art of bull fighting’.

,Today I’m going to the bulls because I feel like it And… I wish you a happy Sunday afternoon doing what you love.”

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