Ariana Grande enforces very strict rules on her assistants!

Ariana Grande’s assistants are required to follow strict rules. The singer takes great care to make sure he is respected!

Ariana Grande has been around for years now A big star all over the world. And at least we can say that the singer knows what she wants. He also imposed strict rules on his staff.

These rules are imposed by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande had a surprising rule, a source tells Life & Style. When she’s tired she wants to A member of his staff takes it away.

“Her new rule is that when she doesn’t want to walk she has to be held – literally picked up like a baby. She says she doesn’t do that Doesn’t want his precious feet to touch the ground“, the source said.

His helpers should also follow him everywhere carrying water. “An assistant came behind him with a water bottle and a straw.”a source told Star magazine.

Before specifying: “As soon as she feels a little dryness, she yells: ‘Water!’ And a girl comes running in », During the BBC 1 Teen Awards in 2014, she reportedly spat very hot water.

Ariana Grande’s teams also have to create a plant-based diet for her. Interviewed by the Mirror, the star explained: “I firmly believe that a Whole Plant-Based Diet And whole foods can increase your lifespan »,

“And make you a happier person in every way.” Eating out is difficult. But I stick to what I know: vegetables, fruits and salads.” she explains.

very specific request

Ariana Grande, fond of berries and strawberries, used to demand to eat them at every meal. She wants her own teams too take care of their pets, As a reminder, she has nine dogs that she always takes on her private jet.

When being filmed, the singer would also ask that only her left side be visible on camera. It will also take time for them to control their image.

The mother of a young fan indicated that Ariana Grande’s team forced her to delete some photos of the singer. His staff also needs to ensure that he has the biggest dressing room.

The team also visits the premises to ensure that everything is fine for the singer. His assistants ensure that he eat food and drink also Available.

Ariana Grande wouldn’t even allow people around her to talk about Mariah Carey. She doesn’t even want to talk about her grandfather who died in 2014. Finally, Ariana Grande would ask for special treatment at amusement parks.

The staff at Universal and Disneyland were not very kind to the singer. He claimed that she was an “disrespectful” person but was also very “rude”. he might have asked charm without other people By his side.

This request could have caused hours of delay. Despite these words, the young woman continues to be admired by millions of people around the world.