Israel confirms end of military operation in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital with elimination of 200 militants

Israel confirms end of military operations in Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital

israeli army He retired early this Monday morning Shifa HospitalIn gaza cityThat follows a two-week siege against the largest medical complex in the Palestinian enclave, where they claim to have killed about 200 alleged terrorists and detained about 500.

“The israeli army Completed its precise operational activities around Shifa Hospital And they left the hospital area,” a military statement confirmed after being confirmed by Palestinian witnesses. efe Return of soldiers from the medical center at around 4:30 in the morning (local time).

During his operation at the hospital, which began with the siege of the center two weeks ago, israel Claims to have eliminated around 200.terroristsand interrogated more than 800 suspects, of whom they identified about 500 members Hamas And this Islamic JihadIn which senior officers are also included.

“Troops killed terrorists in hand-to-hand combat and found several weapons and intelligence documents inside the hospital”He explained in detail in the statement.

At least 200 militants killed in operation at Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital (EFE/Israeli Army)

For israel This is one of the most “operations”SuccessDue to the large number of alleged “terrorists” they have been doing since the beginning of the war on October 7, they have managed to capture them in the hospital, where they assure that the militia strip They were regrouping.

Palestinian source They say the withdrawal of troops came amid intense aerial and sniper fire, as well as massive destruction across the area. Shifawhere it had many buildings Burned during Israeli operation,

This is their fourth raid against one of the few partially operational hospitals in the north stripHe israel He justified this after receiving his intelligence about the presence of militiamen inside the compound.

This was the same thesis that the Hebrew soldiers alleged That’s when they launched their first major raid last November, leaving the hospital without services for a few months.

israeli army They insist their military operation is not against “patients, health workers or medical equipment.” Gaza Ministry of Healthcontrolled by terrorists from Hamascondemned this Sunday that this infiltration by soldiers has been left to the minimum 400 dead throughout the region, where they have destroyed more and more thousand houses,

At least 107 patients, most of whom are in critical condition, And 60 members of the medical staff were shifted to an old hospital building without the capacity to accommodate all these patients and without the necessary medical equipment.

,“The army has been starving the surrounded patients and staff for days without providing them with food or clean water.”Doctors at the hospital reported that they warned that colleagues of several patients “have been hanged, arrested or displaced to the south” by orders of Israeli soldiers.

NGO Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor “This Sunday he called for an international investigation.”complete and fair“After collecting testimony from local sources who assure that israeli army Looted the houses around the hospital Al ShifaFrom where many Palestinians have been displaced.

Army Also reported on its operation at the center of strip and in the area of khan younisIn the south, where fighting has not stopped for four months and where it claims to have killed dozens of people.terroristsIn the last hours, in addition to air strikes, sniper fire and hand-to-hand confrontations, more weapons were found.

israel Two soldiers were also reported dead in fighting south of the enclave since last night, increasing the number of casualties in its ranks 256 Since ground infiltration began in late October.

(with information from EFE)

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