Ariana Grande: Her hit “Yeah, And?” »Already dominating the Billboard Top 100!

On January 12, 2024, Ariana Grande released her hit “Yes, And?” Unveiled. , And apparently, his creation was quickly appreciated by the public!

Back with a bang! On January 12, Ariana Grande released her new hit “Yes, And?” Everyone agreed. “. so that his The song is at a good position in the Top 100 Billboard. MCE TV reveals everything to you.

Billboard Top 100: Ariana Grande tops the charts with her hit “Yes, And?” Made a splash with. ,

In the music industry, Ariana Grande can claim to be a legendary figure. operated Thank you for the music 13 on Broadway in 2008The pretty brunette later starred in countless sitcoms.

After winning over the crowd with her powerful and melodious voice, the star Released his first solo title way in 2013. Very quickly, the machine was swept away.

With her continued collaborations, Ariana Grande has also racked up awards accolades. But it’s been four years since the young lady actually released a solo work! Interpreter on 12 January 2024 break free apart from Unanimously yes, and? Unveiled.

Thus he remained in first place above Board out of 100 best songs Moment from across the Atlantic. Class!

As a reminder as reported bfmtv, It is also his 8th song to be numbered. And this is the first time since his appearance on The Week-End die for youUnveiled last year.

From conditions Three years ago, Ariana Grande did not come out with a single good ranking. Something that obviously makes him extremely proud. “I’m touched. Heartfelt thanks to my fans, The most incredible angel in the world, For the love you showed to this song”, This is how the artist was announced on the web.

A beautiful statement addressed to his fans

Ariana Grande speaks through her art It’s a matter of honor to remain authentic. , It’s tremendous and honestly moving. To see how many of you were affected by this song, she added in her post.

And to complete: “Feeling seen and supported by you is such a gift. Thank you for your positivity and support. You have no idea how much you mean to me.”

Ariana Grande sometimes gets fed up of being constantly followed by the paparazzi That the tabloids analyze all his actions.

with yes and? Whose sounds are danceable and pop, Dalton Gomez’s ex-wife also responds to her detractors, “I’m tired of giving importance to what you think, I will not hide any longer (…). Don’t comment on my body”, She screamed with her blow.

his seventh creation eternal Sunshine Daylight was also seen on 8 March. inspired by countless Topics focused on their daily life, Ariana Grande has always loved expressing herself in the studio.

“When I have an idea, I record a memo on my phone I send it to my makers », He also told this to our colleagues pure chart. “I’ve got into the habit of writing down on paper all the ideas that come to my mind, and I use them to write my lyrics, or sometimes, I start with the melody… it varies a lot. “, noted !

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