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We recently said that physical objects that are part of artificial reality, created by humans, are displacing natural objects. At present, first-class technological contributions in various fields of knowledge are progressing brilliantly. This is artificial intelligence (AI), which aims to equal and surpass human intelligence.

Aye It is a complex system made up of many components in continuous improvement. What is different is the processing machines, the mathematical models and algorithms, the electronic engineering, the huge amounts of information and the interactions not only between these components but also with the people, who are the mediators to establish the connection between the machine and the environment.

Currently, the AI ​​program-model with the largest application is ChatGPT, which facilitates communication with language, which is very well adapted to machine-person relationships. This communication contribution includes recognition of the image and voice of the intermediary person. He chatgpt It extends to all the areas of knowledge that it advises and applies.

People (professionals) live in the environment and are responsible for raising the issue or discipline to be processed by the machine. The machine responds to your needs and responds with high-level and precise mathematical calculations. “How wonderful!” Many people say. Therefore, applying instrumental reason, operators ask questions about anything and are happy with the answers.

For those of us who work in discipline MedicineWe develop its application in three areas: research, diagnosis and treatment. scientific investigation Enhanced, with diagnostic aids and complementary examinations (such as imaging) the diagnosis is more accurate and personalized treatment provides valuable assistance in patient care.

With all the goodness, if we allow the involvement of artificial objects to displace the logic and decisions of people’s minds, the above poses a risk to the nature of living beings including humans. The main function of the brain is to perceive reality, think (reason) and act; Trained and experienced doctors will not leave this work to the machine. They rightly say that AI is machine (technical) support, but it does not replace the doctor. Of course, the creative, emotional and ethical aspects are beyond the reach of the machine.

I think that, while the connection between the brain (mind) and the machine has not yet been achieved Aye It is a good assistant tool for special work, in this case, in the field of medicine. Cognitive, limbic, and glandular areas of the brain allow us to act rightly and morally, which is still out of reach for AI.

I can point to the following components that interact in this medicine-AI relationship: a) the environment, where place, society and discipline (medicine) are located; b) machine-program-electronics, information materials; and c) the person who is professionally responsible for the interconnection. This artificial aid is in full development, although there is concern that novices will be the first to use it and abuse it in the application of the aid. Aye,

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