Artificial intelligence in aesthetic medicine: what cutting-edge technologies are already available in Argentina

Today you can find the latest international treatments (BTL aesthetics) to tighten skin and develop muscles in Argentina.

Getting a healthy look and feeling good about yourself are top priorities. Often, in international magazines and on social networks, prominent celebrities are seen undergoing beauty treatments, but it is unknown whether they are already available in the country.

In that line, btl aestheticsThe leader in technological innovation for aesthetic medicine, has recently presented in Argentina its latest international sensation: the technology axion, This state-of-the-art platform equipped with artificial intelligence promises effective solutions to various skin problems.

Available technology is used throughout the body with results in just a few sessions (BTL aesthetics).

axion It has four Applicators that can treat over 23 areas of the body. “With the Fractional Radiofrequency Applicator with Microneedles we will achieve unique results in less time, minimally invasive and in a much more comfortable way than existing technologies. It works on facial lines, wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars, and stretch marks,” explains dermatologist Lisa Molinari (MN 116.628), director of Skin Medical Center.

It is the first device with an applicator for the face and the second device for the body with radiofrequency emissions and guided ultrasound, which stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid. “In addition, it has an Applicator for the intimate area with radiofrequency to achieve a fuller and more pleasant life in eight minutes of treatment. It is painless, improves relaxation, lubrication and increases the thickness of the walls of the vaginal canal,” explains Dr. Molinari.

MFace promotes an increase in facial muscle tone, collagen and elastin fibers, achieving a natural facial lift (BTL aesthetics).

Argentina is one of the most recent innovations in the beauty sector mface technology, “With radiofrequency heating, collagen and elastin fibers grow, while HIFES emits thousands of pulses per session to shrink and tone the delicate facial muscles,” explains Fabiana Zelaya (MN 93861), director of Zelaya Beauty.

mface It now has a new Applicator to reduce double chin, it comprehensively addresses skin, fat and muscle. “The subchapter area is an interesting topic that was not given all the necessary attention in the past. It is always important to know the anatomy, to know the layer by layer structure. The subchin muscles are also affected by age and sarcopenia and lose support, structure and condition,” Dr. Sebastian Cotofana, a world-renowned facial anatomist, said in a recent webinar. btl aesthetics Targeting doctors.

Aesthetic Medicine Center zelaya beauty He was one of the pioneers in bringing this technology to Argentina. “The treatment consists of 4 to 6 sessions of 20 minutes, without needles and with no recovery time. It is non-invasive and the lifting effect is achieved in a few sessions, but above all, results in facial structure are seen in the long run due to the importance of working the facial muscles,” says Dr. Fabiana Zelaya says.

Artificial intelligence technology treats muscles and facial skin simultaneously (BTL aesthetics)

family of technologies btl Offers unique options to the Argentinian market for muscle growth. “This is the case with Emsculpt Neo, which not only increases muscle mass by 25% but also burns fat by 30%,” he explains. btl aesthetics, it also has Unique technologies like Emsculpt and Embody in the market.

For those interested in exploring these trends in beauty treatments, it is recommended to enter Here Finding centers that offer the technology btl in Argentina. With these cutting-edge technologies, the pursuit of better form and comprehensive well-being has become more accessible than ever in the country.

Established in 1993, btl Becoming one of the largest manufacturers of medical and aesthetic devices with direct presence in over 80 countries and numerous international awards. The company innovates in the world of more advanced non-invasive solutions for urinary incontinence, intimate wellness, body shaping, skin tightening, muscle development, cellulite and other health and beauty treatments.

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