Asian fever with Messi and Inter Miami

Slowly, American football is beginning to return to its routine Waiting for the start of the new season. Most MLS teams have made plans to return to work training sessions as well as a series of friendly matches They work starting carbureting to reach the beginning of the course In the best possible way.

Definitely, Of all the calendars already announced, the most exciting one is none other than Inter Miami. franchise of Florida will pass through Riyadh, Hong Kong and Tokyo, before finishing At home against Newell’s Old Boys, in a fierce competition Special for its great star Leo Messi.

While passing through Saudi lands, Messi will face again, and who knows for the last time, another great legend of this generation of footballers: Cristiano Ronaldo. between them they join Thirteen Ballon d’Ors, a single number that This shows the importance of this match at a heritage level.

Messi, in the face of generalized madness

In addition to everything related to game preparation and performance, Inter Miami’s movement within the Asian continent follows a clear business strategy. If already, Leo Messi is a big attraction anywhere in the world, what wakes up There is real excitement for Messi in Asia. Be it Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong or Japan, Argentina You should be prepared to cause a tremendous stir just by announcing your presence.

Thanks for the past events like thisMessi knows that he must be prepared to be ‘escort’ by thousands of fans day and night. At the airport, hotel, bus ride, or even the stadium, there will be people around Argentina. A wave of people were screaming and getting as close to him as they could.

“Inter Miami needs to make its mark here”

sports web portal mls multiplex managed to contact him Manager of Leo Messi’s ‘fan account’ in Arabic, who explained how The Messi phenomenon and the MLS phenomenon are experienced in a country far away in the regionBut Leo and football in general are very close in terms of passion and fanaticism.

“If I look at people who watch MLS games, most of them follow Inter Miami Or their next opponent. Sometimes there is a time difference “Being able to enjoy Messi in this new phase is not an obstacle,” The man behind Maher Khubrani said “Inter Miami” account in Arabic.

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