Associate doctor and budding MIR at the same time: “They call me an intruder”

Can you work while preparing for the MIR exam? And do the same in healthcare? This is the position of a doctor who prefers to remain anonymous and who has experienced complete contact Medicine: in both theoretical and practical areas. parallel to the preparation of mir exam, This trained doctor acted in this way despite not yet having the expertise. “I started counseling as an alternative primary care On days when they needed me, I took a long leave till June, and from then till today I have only been on backup duty at the Primary Care Emergency Service (SUAP),” he explains.

Due to personal reasons he was unable to appear for the examination. Specialized Health Training (FSE) in a previous call, and admitted that at the time his own mind “kept thinking a lot about the possibility of it”. Practice as a doctor during your study months, so I felt as if my life did not revolve around any exam. And that’s it, I’m a very restless person,” he adds.

A month after taking the theory test, this would-be expert says combining both tasks has been the most complicated part accumulated fatigue, “I felt like I was sleeping in corners,” he explained. It was difficult to find time for leisure and free time in his schedule. In fact, the few hours he had other than studies or work were generally used for “playing and sleeping”, he says.

Criticism of working as a doctor without MIR

Practicing as a doctor without any expertise has not left his case untouched Comments and criticism, especially on social networks like X (formerly Twitter). “It’s been very controversial, I have been accused of interfering too much“, she says. On the other side of the scale, this doctor has felt the love and support of his immediate environment in this decision: “The rest of the people who knew me and appreciated me, respected it and always supported me. Gave, my family was proud of me,

he took it out himself Personal and Professional Education after these months study and work, The first of them is “respecting each person’s decision as far as professional matters are concerned”, precisely because of the external evaluations received during this period. Personally, she believes that she has proven to herself that “family therapy is a amazing feature“, about which he still has many things to learn. Furthermore, lack of time has taught him that Prioritize your own “personal space”“, as well as to take care of your loved ones and return all the love received in this phase.” He commented, “Sometimes having less time makes you value it more.”

family therapy attraction

To not ‘leave aside’ all the work done so far and act according to your vocation, Will choose specialization in Family Medicine In allocation of places For MIR 2024. Furthermore, with final lists in handYou already know that your grades will allow you to take this training in the place and center you wanted from the beginning.

One of the biggest changes you will experience when you start your residency will be remuneration, as the salary you will receive in the form of MIR. This will be less than what he earned as a doctor, Especially in the first years of training. In this sense, it ensures Has been able to save “a lot of money” These are the months you have received to be able to cover the expenses you will incur during your residence. “This way I will be able to complete the projects I have in mind, like my own house,” he says.

“We are doctors since we completed our degree and we can work on it without any problem”

Ultimately, he wanted to encourage those who contemplate Practice as a doctor while preparing at MIR Do this and do not be guided by external criticism. “We have been doctors since we finished our degree and we can work on it without any problems,” he says. For professionals who have a specialty and those who do not have it , for both he emphasizes that “the most important thing is Be honest in what you do and know when to stop” he concluded.

Information published in medical writing includes statements, data and announcements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any queries related to your health, consult your respective health expert.

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