At 50, Kate Beckinsale shows off toned abs and flexibility in yoga video

  • Kate Beckinsale posted an impressive yoga video on Instagram, showing off toned arms and abs.

  • We have the details of his fitness routine.

  • Fans shared their thoughts about the star’s serious yoga skills.

whether it be Celebrating her 50th birthday with the Playboy bunny gold suit Shutting down haters in the comments section Instagram’s Kate Beckinsale doesn’t hold back. She’s causing a stir online again, this time showing off her flexibility (and super-toned arms and abs) in a yoga video.

In the Instagram video, Beckinsale showed off toned arms and abs during her morning yoga practice. The actress was wearing a white bralette and black leggings, which showed off her strong legs. With the help of an assistant, she demonstrated her impressive strength and flexibility with complex yoga poses including Plow, Bridge and Happy Baby Pose.

The star posted the video in October, getting into the spirit of the spooky season, Beckinsale wished everyone a happy holiday and captioned the post, “Halloween morning. Get the best x 🎃 you can.”

Fans flocked to the comments section. Followers praised the actress’ impressive yoga skills. One wrote: “Goddess Kate, you are as talented and beautiful as you are physically flexible!” Another wrote, “Looks complicated. It feels like some kind of math problem that my body could never solve 🤣🤣. Another fan had the same thought, writing, “I’m going to break like a breadstick.” One fan won best comment with a clever reference: “Bend it like Beckinsale.”

As astonishing as Beckinsale’s skills are, they didn’t develop overnight. As she previously reported, the actress follows a rigorous fitness routine and works out at least six mornings a week. women’s Health,

At the time, she said she starts every day with a full-body workout of eight compound exercises — each exercise works two muscle groups simultaneously to get the most benefit from each session. Moves include bicep curls with squats and sit-ups with combination punches.

Beckinsale has also attributed her lack of work-related injuries to her yoga practice. “I haven’t been injured while doing action movies, and I think that’s partly due to practicing yoga,” she said. women’s Health,

We applaud the star for her consistent exercise. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

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