Max Verstappen ignores rumors about his future at Red Bull

The three-time Formula 1 driver talks about his long-term contract with the team in Australia

Melbourne, Australia – After weeks of speculation about the future of max verstappen In red BullThe defending champions have stated that they intend to run out their contract at the end of 2028.

tension within the team formula 1 reached a critical point in saudi arabia grand prix Two weeks ago, when the three-time champion hinted that he might break ties red Bull If your close associate, helmut marcoWas expelled from the post of advisor.

However, upon reaching Australia For the third Test of the season this weekend, max verstappen He insisted he had no plans to leave red Bull Before your contract expires.

“Of course, that’s why I signed the deal in the first place. And that’s what I said earlier. I’m happy within the team and of course it’s very important that we try to keep key players in the team.” A longer period of time, because of course, that’s where the performance also takes place.

“After all, it’s a performance business. It’s like if I didn’t perform, I wouldn’t be sitting here, so I know how it works.”

“With the signing of the deal, it’s my intention to be here until the end as well, because it would be a great story for me personally, to see it through to the end, because it basically means I’ve been part of a family and A team.”

The comments represent the latest installment of an ongoing story red Bull Which eclipses Verstappen’s two wins at the start of the 2024 campaign.

Uneasiness within the team became public when it was revealed in February that the director, Christian HornerWas accused of inappropriate behavior by a co-worker.

Following the completion of an independent investigation into the matter, the team’s parent company, Red Bull GmbH, liberated Christian Horner Irregularities before the first race in Bahrain.

This was followed by a turbulent week in which Verstappen’s father Jos asked Horner to leave the team and the post. helmut marco It appears that he was also threatened as a result of the investigation.

Yes, OK max verstappen He made his loyalty to his father and Marco clear in the second round of the season. Arab saudiThey said Australia He had no intention of getting involved in an obvious power struggle.

“For my part, I also don’t want to get involved in this kind of thing,” he stressed. “At the end of the day, I’m the driver and I’m here to look at the performance aspect, that’s what they hired me to do.”

“But as far as I know, everything has been handled correctly. I’m not going to go into more details on that side because I don’t know more than that, and I don’t want to know because it’s not my responsibility. ; I work on my work within the team.”

max verstappen Was added with changes to mercedes Following Horner’s research, but in Australia He suggested that this could become a reality as soon as his current contract ends.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what will happen after 2028,” he said. “I don’t know if I’ll be in this f1“If I continue, maybe I’ll sign a new contract… I don’t know yet.”

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