At 56, Pamela Anderson looks dazzling without makeup in her latest photo shoot

More and more women are choosing to ditch makeup, no matter their age, and Pamela Anderson is emerging as a true icon of this movement.

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In fact, for over a year, she has been walking red carpets and fashion week catwalks with unwavering confidence, showing off her natural face.

In her latest photo shoot for CR Fashion Book magazine, the series star baywatch Appears without any artifice, radiating beauty and confidence. The photos show her in a variety of fashion-forward outfits, ranging from a sequined mesh leotard to a black skirt reminiscent of a sailor’s outfit.

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In an environment where ageism is particularly present, we can say that she knows how to ignore imposed standards and refute traditions with remarkable confidence.

In her interview with CR Fashion Book, Pamela confidently explained that despite what some people may think, she doesn’t feel “insecure” or “exposed” without makeup. Her determination and confidence is an inspiring example for women of all ages, encouraging everyone to embrace their natural beauty. So, go Pam!

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