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In a world where aging is often associated with a loss of vitality and decreased mobility, the story of Edna Giordano and her daughter Dalis Radtke breaks all stereotypes.

Despite being 91 and 60 years old respectively, both of these women show us that exercise is the key to maintaining good health and a youthful appearance.

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60 and 91 year old women practicing exercise

Edna Giordano, now 91, started training at age 65 and hasn’t stopped since. Four times a week, he goes to the gym, the place where he has had a better quality of life and where he has been able to develop physically.

At first glance, there is no noticeable muscle growth, but his strength and physical prowess are obvious. According to Telva, her commitment towards fitness is commendable and proves that it is possible to maintain health and strength at any age.

His daughter, Dalis Radtke, a 60-year-old fitness influencer and certified personal trainer, has also become a role model for many. With over 571 thousand followers on Instagram, he promotes the benefits of an active lifestyle and confirms that it’s not just about preventing diseases, but about feeling good and having energy every day.

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In her posts, we can often see her mother, Edna Giordano, doing mobility, strength and balance exercises with her body weight or dumbbells, which can be a challenge even for many women in their 50s. “Age doesn’t limit your ability to improve mobility,” Radtke said in a video.


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