At the last minute, he reveals Chivas’ problem in signing Cade Cowell

Shivaj Has excited his fans with the presentation of cad Cowell, And the Mexican-American midfielder has been one of the discoveries of a respected coach at Verde Vale: matisse Almeida, So with the support of the historic red and white, fans can give the surprise player in training the benefit of the doubt.

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However, everything seems to raise some doubts regarding the footballer’s contract. As Jose Maria Garrido has reported, Cowell has not yet been registered by Chivas. Speaking of which, he still has a transfer to the Guadalajara team to make his registration from Verde Vale 100 percent official. Therefore we have to pay attention to its registration also. union MX.

What does it take for Cowell to register with Chivas? Claro Sports journalist indicated that in Rabano he needs to make the first payment with San Jose Earthquakes: “Chivas has already done the paperwork but everything applies to a bureaucratic issue: he must receive the transfer. of MLS and of st jose Earthquake, What needs to be done to issue a transfer? Garrido commented, “Let Chivas pay first. So it seems it’s only a matter of time before we see Cowell’s official record.

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Gago intends to pit him against Tigres

It seems that the Cowell issue is somewhat temporary as Fernando Gago will give him a few minutes to go tigers, However, without the player’s registration in the league, the player will not be available for the said match. It remains to be seen whether this process ends before the second day of the Flock or whether uncertainty continues in Verde Vale.

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