Jessica Chastain calls this moisturizer her ‘latest addiction’

When I read that Jessica Chastain is almost 50, I took my breath away. I want to know all the skin care secrets of this ageless actress. Luckily, her role as a global ambassador for True Botanicals means Chastain is frequently gushing about the same products she’s using.

Chastain called it out on Instagram The organic beauty brand’s Chebula Extreme Cream ($110) as the “perfect moisturizer.” He added, “Does not clog pores. It doesn’t make my skin feel sticky. Thank you to @truebotanicals for introducing me to my latest addiction. Chastain isn’t the only person to give this anti-aging moisturizer the seal of approval: 100% of participants in a clinical study agreed that Chebula Extreme Cream left their skin smoother, softer, more radiant, and deeply hydrated. has made.

More of Jessica Chastain’s Favorite Beauty Products

in conversation with strategistTea scene of a wedding The star also shared more about her favorite beauty looks. First up: lip balm. Featured in Mango Fresh Sugar Hydrating Lip Balm ($21). “I like that it’s not sticky. I find that some lip balms can be a little sticky, and I dislike that if my hair gets stuck to it, it’s not something I want to wear. It feels absolutely natural: I love the smell of it; It’s kind of sweet.”

Talking about scent, the Oscar winner revealed a fun secret: She chooses a different scent for each character she plays. And while she admits she doesn’t have her own signature scent, she does have one favorite scent: Le Labo. “I have several things I wear, and I really like the orange-flower one.”

When it comes time to care for your red hair, Chastain says, “It’s all about moisture.” To keep her hair hydrated she turns to Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer ($52) — with her own unique spin. “I don’t even use it as directed; I use it maybe once or twice a week when I shower, I apply it to the ends of my hair, flip my hair up and go to sleep with wet hair. I never wash it; I keep it in my hair overnight.”

For skin care, Chastain continues to have high praise for True Botanicals. This time it’s for the brand’s new Phyto-Retinol Sleep Serum ($90). “I love retinol because I don’t even like wrinkles,” she explains, “but traditional retinol, I think because I’m red-haired and because I have dry skin, can give me little dry spots and flaky and so Not good (skin). True Botanical Retinol works twice as fast as traditional retinol, and it doesn’t leave side effects on my skin.’

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