Atlas players did not pay attention to their coach while taking a penalty

Benat San José indicated that the official shooter Aldo Rocha should execute it, but the footballers decided that Caicedo should do it and he failed.

Benat San JoseTechnical Director of AtlasTold how his players took this decision Jordi Caicedo He took a penalty which was saved by Guillermo Alisson, snatching what could have been three points for his team, who lost at home to Querétaro.

The Spanish helmsman explained who was the designated element to take the penalty and made it clear that his players did not pay attention to them, as they had agreed on the field so that cacido A bad move can get away with scoring.

“He (aldo rocha) didn’t look at me for an answer. The man responsible for the punishment is Aldo. I told him to throw it and on the court they reached an agreement and Jordy threw it,” he explained. Saint Joseph in the first instance.

“Aldo is responsible. I don’t think the penalty is to gain confidence, but to score. I indicated he should throw it and on the court he said Jordi. I directed Aldo and said, but for one reason it wasn’t the same. If he enters, nothing happens, but since it failed, the criticism is there,” the strategist added without hesitation.

on the same topic, bit by bit Saint Joseph He acknowledged that there was a possibility that Caicedo was more confident than Rocha in taking the maximum penalty, but that this was an issue he would discuss with his players to fully understand what happened.

“What happens is that I have to analyze well. Talk to the heroes. I know that’s the issue because we didn’t give a penalty. The player probably wasn’t convinced and Jordi was. I cannot enter the field and bowl the ball to the player. We are professionals and things are said. You have to follow it. “We know who takes the penalties.”

On the other hand, he said that all the elements Atlas He was disappointed with the defeat and will speak to Anderson Santamaria about his exclusion from the tournament, as the centre-back has three red cards in the campaign.

“With regard to the team, they are self-critical and destroyed in the locker room. They want to do it right, but we’re making mistakes.’ Whatever I demand from my players, I will do it privately, not publicly. It is true that Santamaria has been expelled more than once, but he is the first to regret it. We must take action on this matter and it will not be repeated,” he concluded.

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